Rooted in science, NeriuNerium-Product-Bundle-367x400m’s products are clinically proven, independently tested, and formulated with exclusive and patented age-defying ingredients. Led by research and development from some of the best scientists, dermatologists and chemists around the world, we promise cutting edge anti-aging innovations. Our promise is to provide proven, age-fighting products powered by the most advanced ingredients available. Utilizing the best of nature coupled with the advances in technology, Nerium products offer both a short-term and long-term approach that address the signs of aging, as well as the causes.

~ Heather Buchman


Nerium Age Defying Youth Factor

Complete Vitality Complex

Youth Factor™ Complete Vitality Complex is developed to support health where it starts – the cellular level.* Nerium’s proprietary, cellular energy blend supports optimal function, maintenance, and repair of your body.Nerium Eye Serum


Nerium Age Defying Youth Factor

Superfood & Antioxidant Booster Powder

Youth Factor™ Superfood & Antioxidant Boost Powder is packed with daily essentials and superfoods, including a pH adjuster to help maintain the body’s optimal state of well-being.




Nerium EHT, Mind Health Supplement

EHTEHT® Supplement is a groundbreaking formula that includes our exclusive and patented EHT® extract. Developed after more than 20 years of scientific research.  The EHT molecule optimizes the function of PP2A, a key protein that helps keep neuronal connection in the brain strong and healthy.