Time to get real and start dealing with depression — 1 Comment

  1. Depression can be hard to talk about. First of all you are not really understanding what is going on, yourself inside your own body. Then how do you even begging to tell someone else to have them understand. The feeling of waning to pull yourself in your own shell and close off the world is so familiar to me. I too felt that way for a while. I always say I hate being alone but it is worse being in a room full of people and still being alone. Kind of how I used to feel.
    Things that helped me were drawing closer to my faith. Doing a Bible study and going to church getting involved and learning more about God and my walk with Jesus become ingrained closer has been a large help. Another thing I began taking St John’s wart because I read how it was good for menatal depression. I found it must have been working because I ran out and ahd not taken it in a while and my kids began to notice the change.
    Depression is a monster that takes us over and puts us out of control. Regaining that control and conquering it is a start. The more I understood it all myself and what to do the easier it became to get out form under it.

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