My 30 results from the Metabolism Plan.  Since today is day 30, I think it is time for an update.  My goal was to simply lose 10# in 30 days (honestly by the end of August, which will be about 37 days) and to start FEELING better (overcome my depression).  So… what have I learned and what are my results.

My 30 Day Results from the Metabolism Plan

Ok… so day 30 and I am down 8.5 pounds.  Which means, if I stay focused, I know I can hit my 10# goal by the end of the month!!!  That is HUGE for me.  If you read my original post on why I am doing the Metabolism Plan, you know I was struggling to lose a single pound!  I finally feel my belly bloat going away.  That means I LOOK and feel better and my cloths are starting to fit comfortable, or actually are getting to big.  All things I am smiling about today.

How am I feeling?  I FEEL so much better.  I think within a week of cleaning up my diet and detoxing crap… the symptoms of depression started to fade.  I was getting much more done in a day then I have in a long time!  Another huge win for me!  I think besides dropping some weight, FEELING BETTER was why I knew I NEEDED to do this.

Ok, my workouts… are truly slacking.  I want to say I worked out exactly per the plan.  Nope.  Honestly, I barely worked out in the last few days.  So my 8.5# was mostly from food.  I will share more on the fitness part soon.

What am I Learning about foods from the Metabolism Plan….  A TON!

My Cooking

First, that I am a cook!  I tell you, one of my struggles with any healthy eating plan was cooking all the time.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner!  It just was to overwhelming to think about.  And if I had to eat more eggs, the thought made me ill.  Then dinner with hubby at night was just “easier” to go out.  I learned easier… is not easier when it comes to how I feel.  Here are a few of my favorite meals.

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Now, I cook almost all of my meals.  Most of my recipes come directly from the Metabolism Plan book itself for the companion cookbook – The Plan Cookbook.  All are super easy and I find really good.  Some I prep ahead of time and freeze or have “ready to go” in the fridge to make life easy.  I tend to eat tons of left overs, that too saves time.  And, less eating out makes our family food budget HAPPY!

Cooking for my husband

As far as my hubby… he doesn’t “need to be on a diet,” so doesn’t really follow my meal plan.  Of course I try and make foods he will eat, but his mindset isn’t where I am at all the times.  The compromise… I tell him my plans for dinner.  He can decide to have what I am making or he can give me a list and he is on his own for what he makes for dinner.  I have FINALLY learned that MY HEALTH shouldn’t be on what other people want to do.  It was about time I  DECIDED to make me a priority.  This has been a huge mindset shift for me!

Nothing I make is “diet food”.  It’s healthy food I could eat forever.  Maybe one day he will see that and start eating more of what I do, who knows???  Until then, I learned that he is way old enough to take care of himself and I won’t be cooking for him.  I know many of my friends have cook for their spouse and their kids and end up making 2-3 meals.  That is a true struggle I can’t relate to but people in our free support group are discussing.  I think at some point you have to be strong enough to say.. I am doing this for me, and I hope you will do it too.  If not, join me in the kitchen and let’s cook together (no matter what it is).  And kids… teach them good eating habits early!  If you realize how unhealthy mac and cheese is for you, do they need it???

Why Eating Out is Important to Me

Finally, any diet plan (eating plan) that is so restrictive that I can never eat out, is to hard for me to stay on track.  When I did Whole 30, I cooked every meal at home.  I quickly learned if I ate out or wanted to go out with friends, I would be “off plan” and I wouldn’t be getting results.   The Metabolism Plan encourages you to go out and “test” your favorite restaurants.  We all need nights out of the house/kitchen/with friends.  Your meal plan SHOULD follow life!

I “failed” the test (meaning the foods I ate caused inflammation and made me gain weight) when I ate out.  I started with a goal for 1 night out a week.  And it was working!  I was down 8.5# pounds in 3 weeks.  THEN…. I had a bad weekend.  I wasn’t feeling well and just couldn’t get myself focused to meal plan, grocery shop and actually cook.  The results, I gained 1.6# in 3 days.  And… coming back on track with my plan… took time.  I needed to refocus on all the good habits (sleep, reducing stress, drinking water, cooking and eating the right foods).

What foods do to my mental health

Oh… and to top off my weight going back up.  I have to say, I had 5 days of FEELING down in the dumps.  Anxiety issues through the roof, just struggling with the day to day stuff.  It was immediately eye opening that what I eat has an effect on my body, mind, feelings!  Sometimes you need to see it/feel it to truly understand what is working now working.

What about my Workouts on the Metabolism Plan

After my long weekend of “cheats” or aka… enjoying life.  I started my Monday with an almost 2 mile run.  I love to run, but don’t run much outside for enjoyment anymore.  But, I am LEARNING through listening to my body (and this plan) that my body doesn’t love running.  Four days later I still have shin splints, my hips still feel the run and I just can feel the effects of running.  That… only added inflammation hanging around in my body and not losing the weekend pounds.  To think… 5 days a week I spent on the treadmill at the gym to do my “cardio” to burn fat.

I am learning I am not as young as I was.  Being sore for days after a workout isn’t a badge of honor for putting in the work.  It is now a sign of stressing my body out.  Go slow, enjoy life, find workouts that my body LOVES so it rewards me back positively.  I still have a long way to go to breaking old fitness myths/habits I have.  But, everyday is a new day.

Final thoughts on the Metabolism Plan

If you could take emotions out of life, it would be easier.  Was I upset to “fall off the wagon” on the weekend and see my hard work tanked when I saw the scale jump.  YES.   Was I frustrated that a run could only help me keep the weight on. YES.  Was I struggling to get back.  YES.

It’s Thursday and I finally see that the scale dropped 1.3# last night.  It takes staying the course.  ENJOYING life and doing things you love and understanding the body might not enjoy it as much as you.  BUT, learning that you can get back to healthy quickly by doing the right things afterwards.  Give your body time to heal.  Reward it with healthy things it likes and it gives you healthy back.

What have I learned…

  • My body and my metabolism aren’t broken.  It just needs to heal.
  • I love to cook and meal planning isn’t hard, just takes effort.  And effort brings results.
  • I am strong enough to do this on my own.  I don’t have to please everyone, and taking care of ME is important to being healthy.
  • The scale is a number, use it as a tool.  But, learn to ENJOY moments in life and not stress over them.  They are just moments.  As you go through the plan, you can recover quickly because you know what your body likes.
  • You don’t have to kill yourself in a workout to “be fit” and healthy.  Learn to listen what it is saying to you.
  • Life is a journey.  There are always ups and downs.  Take it one day at a time.  Don’t beat yourself up on the downs, and definitely celebrate in the ups!
  • Enjoy nights out with friends.  Go to a restaurant and enjoy your foods.  You will know how you feel afterwards if it was worth it or not.


If you are struggling to lose weight, feel better, just need a change… I encourage you to get the book The Metabolism Plan.  It is about $16 when you order on Amazon (click here for info and to get your copy).   Once you have the book, you really don’t need anything else.  A few supplements that help and a few basic tools to help you track your results (read more here on this).  You are not eliminating your favorite foods (I eat chocolate daily) and you aren’t living off of weight loss shakes or diet pills.  And skip the fasting, you probably will eat more in a day then you have in ages.  If you get the book, let me know!  I would love to hear how it goes for you.  If you want support, join our FREE Facebook Group – Kick Starters – Ready for Change.  We have tons of people doing this plan (and other stuff too) who are getting results. We share recipes and other great ideas/resources.  Not going alone… was a huge part of my success!  So see ya on the inside… click here to join today.

Here is to great health!  Living and feeling better, one day at a time!

Until later, have a fabulous day!
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