Today I want to chat about how to find your passion. They say if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.

Question, do you think that this is true? Can you get paid for doing what you love the most?  (I also talk about what finding your passion means in more details, if you want to hear my thoughts… stop by here.)

I am going to share 6 tips today to help you find and live your passion.  Are you ready?

1.  Did you answer this question above?  Do you think it is possible to get paid for what you love most?

If yes, awesome. Do you already work and live your passion?  If so, tell us about what you do in the comments below.

If not, here is the thing. You must first believe wholeheartedly that you can make a difference by doing what you love. If not, you’ll struggle everyday and then think it’s not possible. So, your first exercise to Finding and Living Your Passion is to find people in your life or mentors that live their passion. Find examples of those who “found their thing” and share it everyday. Maybe it is people you know, maybe it is people like Tony Robbins. But surround yourself with these people and say to yourself… If they can live their passion like this, why not me?

2.  Now that you believe you can find your passion, it is time to figure out what your passion is. 

Today be Sherlock Holmes and search your life for clues.

– Go through past experiences, what made you the happiest.

– Look around your house, what’s it filled with.

– When people ask you questions or advice, what’s it on.

Dig deep into your life and figure out what makes you happy and then ask why does doing this make me happy.

An example with me… I love art. I love to draw, doodle, paint… I’m not by any mean an expert. But I also love to inspire others to try art and find their inner artist.  I want to help them spark that joy that comes from being creative. It’s why I started the #ZenArtChallenge, to bring others into a world I know exists for them even if they don’t realize it at first.

Today’s task. … Seek out and write down your clues. Start finding the true meaning of what you love to do and why you want to do this! Start journaling your thoughts until you realize what your passions are. You maybe surprised possibly by what starts appearing.

3.  Do you have a big mis-mosh list of stuff you love to do now.

Does it remind you of  looking in a pantry at all the ingredients you have on hand and trying to figure out what to make for dinner using all of them?

Maybe you love reading, coffee, art, and dogs.

I bet you are now saying… Now what? So think. How can you take all these crazy ideas and turn them into a fabulous dinner?

What if you took that random list and started one of those paint nights. Maybe you host these paint night at local coffee houses.  You make your paints focus on dogs? You can leave everyone with a little inspirational handout on dog stories to try and have them paint the story later because of what you taught today.

Or you can start one of those reading programs where kids read to dogs.  Mix in some art time at the end of the session to help see what they learned from their reading time.

I’m just making these up as I type, but how can you create something magnificent that will be fun, informational or needed with all your ingredients? Be the chef of your life. Time to create that perfect meal with your ingredient list.

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments … If you are struggling to make your meal, write out your ingredient list. Maybe our members will have ideas for you?  Don’t forget to keep your journal going, you never know when you re-read your list too what can pop in your mind.

4.  Let’s face it, if we love to do things, but that can easily consider this to be more of a hobby then a career.  But, if you want to be serious about living your passion and  you want to get paid to do it, it is time you need to step up your actions.

Just because you love to bake cakes doesn’t mean you can simply start selling them more then as a little hobby. What do you need to do to truly turn it into a business? For example:  What are the health codes in your area you need to follow and set up?  How are you going to market or keep up with a demand?  Lots of serious questions need to be asked/answered.  It’s time to dig in and do your research.

Often we can turn hobbies into our careers if we take a little time to learn a few more skills needed. Let’s face it, not every moment of life is fun. But getting serious about what you want and being able to do that … now that’s fun!

What’s one skill or item you need to look into to turn that hobby into a paying gig? Start writing them down, so you can add them to your action list.

5.  Has this topic excited you today to take action?  Or has your mind already kicked in with fears and doubts. 

Can I do this, what will people think, will this work…

Yup! It’s you trying to leave that comfort zone I often chat about on my Facebook page. Time to push back those fears and doubts. Just put your head down and move forward! If you desire to live your dreams … it is time to crush those doubts.

I know you got this!!!  Make sure to write out your current fears that you have right now, and let’s bust it by getting it out if your head and again… taking action.

6.  Every step on your journey might be scared then the last. Know what risks you are willing to take and put yourself in action.

You got this. Be brave! Surround yourself with like minded people. Jump in and don’t look back. Just keep looking at the next step up you need to take to help you live your passion and reach your dreams.

You got this, I’m proud of you for taking the steps to live your best life. Your happiness awaits you!!!  Stop by my Facebook page and tell us your story of success or struggles, let’s do this together!!!  When there, check out the other great daily tips to help you succeed.

If you are looking for a way to get started, learn basic skills to starting a business or to earning an extra income that can help you move closer to your goals… I have an mentorship program I would love to see if you are a good fit for.  If interested, reach out to me today– Apply Now.

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Until later, have a fabulous day!
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Heather Buchman

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