Do you wake up on Monday feeling calm and ready to start your week?  Or do you start the week off in total chaos?

I get it!  I use to be there, I wanted to wake up at the last possible moment to go to work.  Thus, I rushed my morning routine to get ready (that included the take my dog out and rush him to do his thing too).  But just think of how the rest of the day went when I started it like this.  It tended to follow that chaotic-ness I started first thing in the morning.

It’s time to start our week off for SUCCESS with FOCUS on what you want, not on chaos.

Here are a 8 tips to help you stop living the song… “Just Another Manic Monday by the Bangles).

  1. First take time on Sunday to plan your week.  Write out all your appointments, your to do list… and leave in enough time to get it done on your schedule.
  2. Now that you planned your week, find ways to streamline your day.  Why not meal plan/grocery shop once for the whole week?  Can you pack your lunches for the whole week?  Try picking out your outfits and have them hung together in your closet to grab it in the morning?  Is your gym bag packed and ready to go?  Can you schedule your posts on social media ahead of time?  I bet if you think about it, you will find a few ways to streamline your day/week.
  3. Start your day in Gratitude.  I love keeping a journal and write out one thing everyday I am grateful for.  Even if you don’t have a journal, think about what is GOOD in your life before you even get out of bed.  Stop dwelling on what’s going to go wrong in your day/week.  Instead think of what will and is going right!
  4. Take a few moments to mediate.  Yup, get up a little earlier to just be quiet. Ask the universe for what you want, then STOP and LISTEN. It’s amazing what these few moments of calmness can do and how it focuses your mind to seek out ways to bring you what you want.
  5. Enjoy a little play time.  Allow a few moments of play time with your kids or your dog.  Enjoy the moment.  It doesn’t need to be long, just give yourself say 10 minutes.  Start your day off with fun, creativity and playfulness.  You’ll be surprised how much happiness this brings and how it will carry through your day.  Plus… it can help your kids also not start the day off rushed and they will enjoy knowing they have a few moments with mom before school.  Oh… and don’t forget… a tired dog is a good dog.  So, get some energy out and toss a few balls in the backyard with Fido and enjoy the fresh morning air, it will help him sleep during the day and not get into as much trouble.
  6. Get a little Social.  Yeah, that’s right.  Allow time in your schedule to catch up on social media accounts that INSPIRE you.  Maybe it’s your favorite podcast or checking out your favorite blog/magazine articles.  Do you have an Instagram you follow for motivation, check it out.  Getting a little time in to be social can help you do a quick catch up on news, announcements, or can simply inspire you to work harder, get to the gym, cook a healthy meal. Use your precious morning time wisely!  Don’t get on and just play, find ways to use your time to INSPIRE you to bring out your best day.
  7. Get moving.  If you can get up earilier and get your workout in before work, you will start your day with tons of energy.  Plus, you won’t come home from work tired, distracted and frustrated that you just sit down and give yourself the “pass” to skip a workout today.  I bet the workout will have you excited to get your day moving.
  8. Eat a healthy breakfast.  Stop skipping meals or grabbing a donut in the office.  Allow yourself time to make yourself something healthy.  I love a healthy smoothie to start my day. A smoothie is so refreshing and light to start my day, especially after a workout.  I follow that up with my women’s daily vitamins and my EHT suppliment to help me with focus and energy throughout my day.


Yes, most of these tips require you to get up a little earlier.  But, I bet if you give yourself that hour in the morning to get ready, have fun, bring your energy up… your whole day will run smoother and less chaotic.  And … that will help you stay focused and on track to your goals.  I am a believer of starting small.  Start doing just one of these at a time, then next week add another one and another tip…. and soon, you will have a much less stressful Monday and a much more successful week!

What are your morning routine tips?  I’d love to hear them.  Leave me a comment, or stop by my Facebook page and let’s chat more about this.

Have a fabulous and successful day.BizCard
Create YOUR Amazing Life

~ Heather Buchman


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