I always grew up with a pencil in hand drawing.  Over time, as I got older… I lost the time to draw.  It wasn’t a priority with everything else I had going on in life.  But… I realized, when we bring out are artistic skills we can gain so much more from it.

Art, like Zentangle, can be very meditative and relaxing. It can take anyone with “no art skills” and bring out their artistic side.  I see it all the time in our #ZenArtChallenge Group!

But, being creative through journaling, drawing, … in my opinion helps us be creative in all areas of our life.  We tend to “see” the world and our problems differently through a different eye and we start  seeing more options to solving them.

I hope to share the creative world of ART through journaling, drawing, painting… I am always learning and experimenting with being creative.  And I want to pass on tips to you so you can experience all the benefits that come with being mindfully creative.

I hope you find as much JOY in the process of being creative as I do!

~ Heather Buchman

How to use Napkins in an Art or Bible Journal

I am always doing something creative.  Art Journals where I might just draw my day or simple doodles like the #ZenArtChallenge in my bullet journal planner.  Last year I got into Bible Journal as a way to be creative and to read the bible more.  It is once again a goal to try and read the whole book this year. If you know me, this is not easy task.  My family didn’t have a religion as a base when I grew up and my husband is Jewish so doesn’t follow the same faith.  So at times I feel on my…

Join the July #ZenArtChallenge 2017

You probably already know I run the July #ZenArtChallenge over on my Instagram Account, @MindfulCreativity.  Did you know, that challenge has officially been running over a year now.  We have close to 7000 members in our Facebook community who take part in the monthly challenge!!!  If you don’t know what the #ZenArtChallenge is or all the huge benefits you can get from it… read this older post from when we started and hear what people are saying about it… Benefits of the #ZenArtChallenge. Why I Created This Challenge I am honored to spread the love of art and simply showing…

How to Do Creative Writing In My Bullet Journal

Since I was introduced to bullet journaling, one of the things I absolutely fell in love with was the absolutely gorgeous handwriting in the planners. As an engineer, I spent many hours handwriting on drawings.  Therefore, my basic handwriting or capital letter writing was basic and readable.  But, over the years my handwriting became more like a doctor’s pad, something only I could read.  I was always writing fast, not “pretty.”  So…. I wanted to learn how to do all this fancy handwriting. I admit… I bought books on lettering.  I even bought a calligraphy set and dabbled in it.  It…

I’m a Creator

I love to create things.  I Zentangle (art work) in the morning, I create projects to help my team, I create these blog posts, I create systems to be organized around my house … My mind goes 100 miles an hour to create things.  Problem is, I sometimes lack focus.  And that means I jump from project to project.  Thus… I start one and never finish it because I am off and running to do the next big thing.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “Oh look, a squirrel.”  Yup, I get squirrelly and chase the next idea without finishing…

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