I always grew up with a pencil in hand drawing.  Over time, as I got older… I lost the time to draw.  It wasn’t a priority with everything else I had going on in life.  But… I realized, when we bring out are artistic skills we can gain so much more from it.

Art, like Zentangle, can be very meditative and relaxing. It can take anyone with “no art skills” and bring out their artistic side.  I see it all the time in our #ZenArtChallenge Group!

But, being creative through journaling, drawing, … in my opinion helps us be creative in all areas of our life.  We tend to “see” the world and our problems differently through a different eye and we start  seeing more options to solving them.

I hope to share the creative world of ART through journaling, drawing, painting… I am always learning and experimenting with being creative.  And I want to pass on tips to you so you can experience all the benefits that come with being mindfully creative.

I hope you find as much JOY in the process of being creative as I do!

~ Heather Buchman

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