Have you heard about the ZenArtChallenge and considered joining, but just wasn’t sure if it was for you.  Maybe you think you can’t draw, or don’t have the time/patience for it?  I wanted to share a few reasons why you might want to consider joining the challenge.

Have you ever just sat in quiet and let your mind shut off?
If you are like me, it’s probably a huge struggle. My mind always has a scrolling marquee running. The daily to do’s, the bills I need to pay, work, life, family…

But, the “experts” all say that we should be quiet for a few moments. Start asking our mind to focus on what we want. Ask it questions, like – How can I earn a little extra income. How can I grow my business. When you start asking your mind questions you seek answers too, trust me it starts to find the answers. It helps your mind seek out and “listen” to things in your world to help you solve that question. Try it… it works! Here is a quick example. Close your eyes for just a minute. Focus on the color red. Ask it, where is there red in my life. Shhh, just be quiet for a moment and think about red. Now, open those eyes and look around the room, do your eyes immediately focus on everything red? Yeah, I bet it did! See how powerful the mind is!

So, how does the ZenArtChallenge help me be quiet? Because, Zentangle is an art form where you FOCUS on drawing one line at a time. For me, it really is finally having that quiet time in my mind. It allows my mind to shut down for a few minutes. I give myself just 15 minutes in the morning to do a “tangle a day”. But, when I do it, I start by picking up a pen and asking myself a quick question before I draw. It might be the struggle of the day or as simple as … What am I going to write about in my blog? When you start drawing and just focusing on the art, your mind also starts to focus on the question you asked it. At the end of the 15 minutes, I am like… I know exactly what I am going to write about today. It’s strange how it works, but it does that for me.

Here is another way the ZenArtChallenge helps me.  I am an admitted perfectionist.  Meaning, I often halt myself from taking action because I “don’t know all the hows” in the process to get it done right.  So why start?  I don’t know what to say to that prospect I need to call, so I don’t call.  I don’t know what to write about, so I don’t write.  I don’t know how to cook, so I eat out and that doesn’t help my health (weight).  Everyday with Zentangle… I follow the step by step instructions (step outs) on how to draw the daily pattern.  And everyday… it never comes out like I want it too.  BUT, I learned that drawing one line at a time, I find a mistake just becomes the next step to my final creation.  The end result might not always be my favorite drawing, but I still love how it turns out “with a mistake.”  So Zentangle takes away my perfectionistic tendencies, and I am learning to bring that out in other areas in my life, just take it one step (task) at a time.

I want to share what a few of our ZenArtChallener’s have to say about what this challenge has done for them.  I bet one of these reasons is a good reason you should join the challenge with us.

  • “It helps me with the thought trains that are constantly going through my head 24/7 . Especially yesterdays and todays tangle. Trying to figure out where my pattern started. So it is really relaxing for my brain.” ~ Astrid Z.
  • “It helps me destress and calm my brain. I do them at different times each day depending on when I need it most. Especially this week since I’m home alone with a 2 year old and 8 month old while my husband is gone halfway across the country for work training.” ~ Katie K.
  • “Helps me to focus, it’s calming!” ~ Karen A.
  • “It calms me down, I focus on the tangle and everything else vanishes out of my mind.” ~Gudrun N.
  • “Therapy… very calming for someone with extreme anxiety.” ~ Nancy D.
  • “I just love the act of drawing.” ~ Jo M.
  • “It makes me feel good. When I look back at the page and see what I’ve done I feel happy.” ~ Maya W.
  • “It helps me focus and it’s a great tool for managing my anxiety. It gives me just enough focus to quiet the constant self talk going on in my head so that I can think clearly for a little while.” ~ Samantha W.
  • “I have a lot of things going on at all times, very crazy busy, and much of it I can’t control very well. Pesky humans and their deviation from plan!  🙂 Zentangles give me a thing where I can create beauty and order in my own little spot. I enjoy having a little something beautiful to control.” ~Trasi J.
  • “While working on a pattern, I am able to block out the world and just be in the moment, in each stroke of the pen. It is like meditation to me. It allows me to destress and refocus.” ~Sheri I.
  • “Relaxing, calming, meditative, me time! Plus an awesome sense of achievement to create so many wonderful pictures that I never would have dreamed I could!!” ~ Michelle S.
  • “I am slowly learning that it is okay not to be perfect but enjoy the process… I really love learning the patterns and trying them various ways. I find it slows my thoughts and allows me to unwind. Plus, it stops my mindless munching in the evenings. ~ Rochelle B.
  • “It’s part of my evening ritual, along with a cup of tea. It helps me calm and slow down the train Astrid was talking about, so I can get into a more mellow and relaxed mood, and actually helps with my insomnia. Plus it’s superfun, and being part of this great group, sharing and seeing what everybody else is doing is also a big part of the relaxation.” ~ Nichole U.
  • “In a chaotic household where I am the only person without AD/HD , tangling is my “me time” where I can put aside worrying about lost keys and homework and chasing people down with task lists. I can just get lost in my drawing for a little while 😊 It is the best way I’ve found to recharge after a crazy day!” Kim C.


Ok.  Honestly I had SO many great responses when I asked my challengers, what the ZenArtChallenge has done for them, I wish I could share them all!  But, I would love to simply invite you to give it a try for yourself.  It’s free, so you have nothing to lost.  Sign up here and join our private group.  Your “art” can be shared and seen (if you choose) only by others doing the challenge too, you can learn from the group, ask questions, and just gain the overall love and support you will find in our group!  I hope to see you there!  Join us now by signing up here and I will immediately email you the link to our group!

JOIN THE ZEN ART CHALLENGE HERE (did I say it’s free!)

PS… Go over to Instagram and search the hashtag #ZenArtChallenge and see all the amazing artwork being created.  Many of them by absolute newbies to Zentangle.

Have a wonderful, successful and stress free day.

Create An Amazing Life of YOUR DREAMS.

~ Heather Buchman

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