The other day, I talked about getting so feed up with my health and my weight that I knew it was time to draw that line in the sand and just get started. That was also because in January I went through and reviewed my Level 10 Goals for what I wanted to achieve this year. And… one of them was to improve my health and to lose weight…. so I took action.  Then there was the category for spiritual goals, and I had to question my own spiritual journey.  That is when I discovered Bible Journaling.

But, one of the categories on the Level 10 Goal Sheet is to review your spiritual goals. It’s funny, I have often completed the Level 10 goal sheet many times and simply left out that part of the goal setting categories. See if you know me, “religion” isn’t “my thing”. I never judge anyone for their journey. My husband is Jewish, so religion is part of our life. But, I personally never grew up going to church, reading the bible or really being taught about religion. I live my life what I say to be according to “the 10 commandments.” I just try to do my best in life, I try to remember to do unto others as I wish they would do to me. It’s worked for my life.  I feel like I am an overall good person.

Recently a lot of things have been changing in my life over the year, so I was seeking spiritual growth. I took up Zentangle and started the #ZenArtChallenge last summer as a way to enjoy mediation and quiet time to think. Because to me, spiritual growth isn’t always about religion and church. My #ZenArtChallenge was really filling my need to connect to me, and it has been an amazing journey. I have loved to share it with so many, and it’s amazing to have seen our Facebook Group grow. See, if you know me… I am always sharing things that work for me in my life if I believe that they can help others. Zentangle, definitely has tons of benefits (read some here), and feel free to join us and give it a try.

But, as the new year started and I was reviewing my goals, that spiritual one kept calling me. It was like, Heather, what are you doing to grow spiritually this year?  Something just was speaking to me that now was the time to learn more about FAITH and what it could do for me, my mind and my health. So since January I have been saying, I would love to finally read the bible.

It is amazing how you can say you “want something,” but yet never take action on it right. So how badly do you really want it? For me, reading the bible and reviewing that journey was something I said I wanted, but honestly wasn’t “ready for it”. I wasn’t in the right place to accept it’s teachings.

One of my journaled pages in my Bible.

A lot of things have been happening in my life that has me “seeking” direction lately. Since it is now April and the first quarter of the year is past, I am again searching my path for the year and where do I want to be and go? The spiritual side came up again, and this time I listened. Words and things were popping up around me about “Bible Journaling”. I’m sure you know I love to be creative.  There is a great beginners book on the creative side of Bible Journaling- (check it out here) and what caught my interest. If you know me, art brings out joy in me and speaks to me. So I was seeing all these amazing bibles that people drew in and made notes in and suddenly “I got it.”  I found my reason and desire to pick up the bible and “wanted to read it” so I could also be creative and journal along my way.

See, I believe we are ALL on a journey to growth. Each of us takes our own path and learns in our own way. We need to do stuff when it feels right or is needed in our life, not when others dictate it to us. How I was introduced to Bible Journaling, I have no idea. I have actually seen it and heard about it for at least a year. But, it wasn’t mine time. Last week, I walked into a Christian Store. I found an Inspire – Creative Bible Journal and picked one up. I am using the app, Bible Study Tools and am following the read the Bible in a year plan. But since it’s my journey and I am doodling and searching answers along the way, I know that might be a 2+ reading plan, but I am ok with that. I am excited to start a new spiritual path, a journey to discover a new area of my life and determine what faith/religion means to me.

It’s been interesting, since I started I have tons of friends who follow my journey as I share it on my Facebook page who love and support it. I also have had people say things that aren’t as supportive. It’s ok! I know those people aren’t on my journey with me. They don’t see or understand what I want and/or need in my life right now. I am ok with it. I know I am not going to suddenly become a “Jesus Freak” or be preaching my thoughts to you along the way. It just means I am open to explore new things in my life and yes, maybe share my daily understandings of what I am reading.  Why not, it might inspire you to pick up the Bible and read it too if you never have.

Moral of my Story here today

I’m simply sharing this story with you today for a few reasons:

  • If you say you want something, take action. If you don’t, realize not now is a perfectly fine answer to say I am not ready for this yet in my life. When the time is right, watch for the signs that say its time. Or simply accept its time to move on from that “goal or want” and know it isn’t truly what you want.
  • It’s ok to dabble in something and “give it a try”. You might not do exactly what you or others expect is the right way. Just remember, it’s your way. I doubt anyone would say the #ZenArtChallenge is a path to spiritual guidance, but it was for me.
  • Create a plan that works for you and go for it. No matter how out of the norm it is, it’s your journey. If you start it and find it isn’t for you or you need to revise it. Say, it is ok. No where is following a perfect set of rules the answer to life’s journey.
  • Finally, remember… many people will accept you on your journey and support you. But, you will often find many who do not. Those who question you, doubt you, try and derail you. Just as much as you want them to love and support YOU, try and know that it’s ok to simply love and support THEM and were they are at in their life. Because their thoughts are simply being passed on to you, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them or you have to go to extreme and block them out of your life for not “accepting you.”


Life is always a journey. You need to live it on YOUR TERMS. Always seek the answers to your questions and go in the path that makes sense to you. It can be an amazing and crazy ride if you are open to exploring it.

So, with that… I will leave you today. As we move into the 2nd quarter of the year it is a great time to re-evaluate your goals for the year. Download the Level 10 Goal setting plan here (free) and take time for deciding how to finish the year strong. And… if you want, join me and our fitness support group (for free) here. There is always time to create the life & body you want.

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