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Am I willing to pay the price to obtain my goal?

Since it is a new month, I took time in my bullet journal planner to write out my goals.  I try and find a balance of a few business and personal to keep that mind, body, soulful balance in my life.  But, that lead me to think of how much do I follow through on what I want?  Am I willing to pay the price to obtain my goal? How important is your goal? Meaning… How many times have I written in my journal… Hit the gym/eat better and lose weight.  Yet… I still haven’t gone back to the gym….

25 Easy Ways to find more ME Time

This year has been a tough year for me, especially in the last month.  Both our cars were hit in a late night incident back in February.   I very long, stressful, costly journey. Then just after finally that came to close, our dog (Romeo) passed away.  He was my baby, and the loss of him was very hard on me.  I was starting to see so much of the negative in life, that the I needed to find Me Time and figure out my life and what makes ME happy. Why I Need to Find Me Time What I…

Is it Time to Lean in More Towards Your Goals?

Do you ever have goals you want to accomplish but just seem to struggle to get started?  Have you been dreaming of starting something, but you’re not quiet sure how so you are procrastinating on moving forward.  Do fears of will this work for me just make you doubt your dream so you just keep it hidden inside with no action towards it?  Maybe it is time to lean in more towards your goals and dreams. Why is now the time to lean in more towards your goals? Change with everything starts when we do something.  When we learn to…

Time to Clean Up, Declutter My Life and COMPLETE “all things”

I love fall and the change of the seasons.  Here all the leaves are starting to change colors and slowly fall from the trees.  It is kind of a sad time as we move towards winter were everything is “dead” looking.  But, I like to think of it like this.  This is the season to change.  The trees drop their leaves and hibernate but come back in spring fully refreshed and ready to bring life into the world again.  This is the time to declutter my life so I can come back new and refreshed in the new year. Life…

Hidden secrets your role model is teaching you

I am always about chasing goals and trying to stay on track to reaching my dreams.  I also believe in always being a student and learning because when we take time to read a book, listen to a podcast, go to a class… we only become more knowledgable.  Then if we implement what we learn, we can grow from it and push us closer to what we want.  But, having a role model, following someone that has what we want to have can really help guide us to our success.  Do you know you can learn tons of hidden secrets…

7 Kitchen Must Haves to Simple Cooking

Since starting the Metabolism Plan (read my story here) I find myself in the kitchen much more then I have in ages. Since I actually love to cook, I just don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen making meals.  I have found 7 kitchen must haves to simple cooking.   With these gadgets and appliances you will learn to love to cook healthy meals for you and your family too!!!! Today, I want to share a few tools that I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to eat healthier. These are essentials I found for my kitchen to…

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