I have been blogging for years! Sometimes for pure fun and often to build my online business! It has taken me years to learn what I have about the world of blogging and I still feel like I am always learning. Follow my here as I find and share great tips to help you get your blog up and running, gain more exposure, and how you can use your blog to grow your business! Because… everyone wants a blog that is seen and read right, so I want to help make that a reality for you and shorten your learning curve! Follow me here to gain my tips and tricks to building a successful blog. Oh… to help you get started and create amazing content for your blog… Why not download my FREE Weekly Content Action Planner to help you plan out your week!  Available now, click here download it. ~ Heather Buchman 

How to get more done in less time

  Are you crazy busy like me?  I run an at home business, I am focusing on my health & fitness, I am always creating art with the #ZenArtChallenge or my Bible Journaling now.  I have a family.  Our kids are getting married next week. Our first grand baby arrived a little over a month ago.  The list can go on and on and on.  And yet, I look at all the stuff I have to do.  From simply doing laundry to and getting rid of stuff around the house to running my business.  I continually am looking for how…

How To Create Social Media Images that Sell

We live in a world were ordinary boring photos won’t capture our attention. Of course, if we are going to create content for our audience we want to create social media images that sell people to want to read more. Let’s face it, on Facebook we love clean, clear fun or inspiring photos.  Instagram is all about the photos.  The more your photo captures your audiences attention, the more likes you will receive.  And if you have a blog you definitely want sharp attracting images you can also pin on Pinterest and have people want to click on them to…

5 Tips to Create Content for Your Blog

Let’s face it… Writing BLOCKS happen!  I know I love to create valuable content for my readers and my followers on my social media pages.  But… What can say I all day, everyday that people want to hear from me? It’s hard to come up with daily content for blog, social media websites, newsletters….  I wanted to share a few tips with you how I come up with ideas. First, I know you know this by now, but you need a clear picture of your perfect client.  Many people say you should create that avatar (the picture and properties of…

Using Trello for my Business & Life

I have been hearing about Trello for awhile from other bloggers and how they find it super helpful for content management. I never really “got it” and figured my bullet journal planner would be good enough. I get an idea, I put it on my list, why do I need an app for that? But, then I heard someone shared some tips how she uses Trello, and a light bulb went off! I had to try it. I just downloaded it and wanted to share with you how it might be able to help you, and how I am setting…

Blogging Lesson 1 What To Write About

Have you been considering creating a blog? You have a message you want to share with the world, but just not sure how to do start a blog? I am going to be re-launching my blog shortly (super excited for it.), and wanted to share with you tips I am learning along my journey to re-discovering my passion for writing and sharing. I thinking blogging is pretty awesome. It’s great just to share a message you have, get thoughts out of your head and down, build a business and grow your audience, make an impact in the world, create a…

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