Planning & Bullet Journaling

An organized, stress free life comes from PLANNING our day and activities to lead us to where we want to go.  When we plan our day we can control our life, without planning our day our life and control us!  And… that is where stress comes in because we are reactive to problems, fires …. and never proactively moving through our day and towards our goals.

Join me for tips and inspiration for Planning and using a Bullet Journal to stay on track with our busy life.

~ Heather Buchman

I Choose Happiness for My Life

“Happiness is a Choice” yet so many of us don’t choose happiness?  Why?  Maybe because we don’t believe it is that easy.  We have to practice happy acts in our life and make it a habit, just like any other positive change we want to see in our life.  Simple things like:  Make more time with family, keeping a gratitude journal, and just being in the moment and enjoying it. If you are struggling to find happiness, maybe you have some excuses that are holding you back.  Take a look at these examples, then what’s holding you back.  Grab your…

Why You Should Start a Journal

I am always writing stuff down and talking about journaling.  Do you journal? If not, here are a few reasons for your success why you should start a journal now.  Plus, a few tips to get you started on how to journal and what to write about. Why Journal? Basically you want to journal because it is a record of your life.  It’s everything you do and experience.  It’s a place to jot down ideas and inspiration.  It’s also a way to work through problems. Ideas come from everywhere, start capturing them.  A book you read, a post you saw of…

8 Tips to STOP LIVING the Manic Mondays

Do you wake up on Monday feeling calm and ready to start your week?  Or do you start the week off in total chaos? I get it!  I use to be there, I wanted to wake up at the last possible moment to go to work.  Thus, I rushed my morning routine to get ready (that included the take my dog out and rush him to do his thing too).  But just think of how the rest of the day went when I started it like this.  It tended to follow that chaotic-ness I started first thing in the morning. It’s…

How to Do Creative Writing In My Bullet Journal

Since I was introduced to bullet journaling, one of the things I absolutely fell in love with was the absolutely gorgeous handwriting in the planners. As an engineer, I spent many hours handwriting on drawings.  Therefore, my basic handwriting or capital letter writing was basic and readable.  But, over the years my handwriting became more like a doctor’s pad, something only I could read.  I was always writing fast, not “pretty.”  So…. I wanted to learn how to do all this fancy handwriting. I admit… I bought books on lettering.  I even bought a calligraphy set and dabbled in it.  It…

Using Trello for my Business & Life

I have been hearing about Trello for awhile from other bloggers and how they find it super helpful for content management. I never really “got it” and figured my bullet journal planner would be good enough. I get an idea, I put it on my list, why do I need an app for that? But, then I heard someone shared some tips how she uses Trello, and a light bulb went off! I had to try it. I just downloaded it and wanted to share with you how it might be able to help you, and how I am setting…

Learn… DO… Review… Repeat

Do you have a goal you want to reach?  Have you every considered starting a business or a project?  But… You simply don’t know where you are supposed to start, or what you are supposed to do, so many you do nothing.  Often the first logical step would be… To learn more about what we are aiming for.  Therefore you might sign up and take a course.  Maybe you decide to buy a book on the subject.  You go looking for someone who know’s more on the subject and ask them for help/support/advice.  This is what we called the LEARN…

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