Planning & Bullet Journaling

An organized, stress free life comes from PLANNING our day and activities to lead us to where we want to go.  When we plan our day we can control our life, without planning our day our life and control us!  And… that is where stress comes in because we are reactive to problems, fires …. and never proactively moving through our day and towards our goals.

Join me for tips and inspiration for Planning and using a Bullet Journal to stay on track with our busy life.

~ Heather Buchman

This One Daily Habit That Will DRIVE YOUR SUCCESS

Today I wanted to share a tip I learned almost the hard way this year.  See, when I was MOST successful in going after a goal in my home based business, I did this one habit every single day.  Then… I hit my goal, and set my next one to push towards, but I stopped this daily habit.  And you know what?  My progress slowed down too.  I said, it’s time to re-commit myself DAILY to doing what worked before and as soon as I did that, my progress and my business started to move forward again. But,… this one…

Living a More Balanced Life

Over on my free online goal setting group, today’s topic was to list as many goals as you can for 7 areas of your life. What would you like to achieve or do in the near and distant future.  I love doing this exercise as it is one of the first steps to Dreaming Big.  What I have found over the years, is many of us forget to dream about what could be.  My boss once asked me, what did I want for my life in 5 years?  I really had no idea.  Thinking past my day to day life…

Start the New Year Strong

If you are waiting till New Year to make some goals and get started, here is a heads up – Stop Waiting.  December is a great month to write out what you want, start focusing on your goals and taking action.  No matter how small a step, all you need to do is start. Here are a few steps to get you going to reach your goals…. 1.  Create a Long List of everything you want to achieve.  Make sure it is a balance of short term and long term goals.  You have to reward all progress, and having just…

Journaling for Success.

I say this over and over, you must write it down.  What?  Write a daily diary, your probably thinking that is for school girls, those cute little books with keys that they put in their desk before they go to sleep.  Ok, no.  Not quite like that.  But, if you want to really see success in your fitness/weight loss program, you need to write everything down. If your in the gym and doing a resistance workout- write out how many reps you did of what move?  What weight did you use?  How many sets?  Keep track, was that weight to…

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