Business Tips

I am a grad of Penn State for Civil Engineering. I worked in an office for years writing proposals and getting jobs done. I started my own business on the side, I started with a network marketing company because I LOVE how all the marketing tools are there for you to use. But over the years, I have expanded my business and services to help more people. What I learned, is that to be successful in business has a lot of “balls bouncing in play” at all times. No matter what business you are doing, there is a LOT to learn about marketing, taxes, gaining and keeping customers… I learned it over the years, and am passionate about staying on top of the world of building a successful business. I simply want to share my tips and tricks with you to shorten your learning curve and help you be more successful faster.

Oh… to help you get started and create amazing content to gain loyal followers and attract your perfect customer …

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~ Heather Buchman

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