Clean Eating

One of the biggest aspects of staying and living a healthy, happy life is what we eat.  Do you notice a difference in how you feel, your energy levels… and everything else just by what you eat on a daily basis?

I want to share some tips, tricks to meal planning and eating clean (meaning eating healthy).  I understand being busy and being real too!  So follow my posts to help you incorporate healthy eating into your life to help you reach your health, fitness and weight loss goals.  I plan to share meal plans I find, recipes I enjoy and things I believe you will enjoy too!

~ Heather Buchman

Using Trello for my Business & Life

I have been hearing about Trello for awhile from other bloggers and how they find it super helpful for content management. I never really “got it” and figured my bullet journal planner would be good enough. I get an idea, I put it on my list, why do I need an app for that? But, then I heard someone shared some tips how she uses Trello, and a light bulb went off! I had to try it. I just downloaded it and wanted to share with you how it might be able to help you, and how I am setting…

What are my Whole 30 results?

I did it.  I stuck through the whole 30 days of the Whole 30 program.  My friends and family have been following my journey on Facebook and I got asked everyday… Am I losing weight, seeing a difference….  This is my quick summary of the last 30 days. Week One First day is easy, you are super excited, you go out and buy all the stuff to make healthy meals, and are determined to cut out the junk.  I even started a workout weight lifting routine and was determined to shed the pounds in 30 days.  But… within no time, I…

Why I Am Doing Whole 30

I spent so many years working hard on me (my body, health).  Then, I feel off the wagon big time once I hit an injury.  It’s amazing how one bad choice can lead to others.  You don’t eat right, you may not workout as much and vise versa.  Yup, that was me.  Making one bad choice after another, and boom a year or more goes by and suddenly I FEEL the impacts of it.  I know I have gluten issues, yet I ignore it. Little things in my diet have been annoying me lately, but I was to lazy or…

Super Bowl Party Keep It Healthy

Did you know that most people consume about 1200 calories on snacks alone during Super Bowl Sunday? WOW, that makes it the 2nd biggest food day of the year. Thanksgiving being the first. I often said that I believe the countless weeks (yes, I think it is only 17 weeks) of football have helped to aid in many people’s weight gain. I see it all the time, the pizza, beer, wings. Come on, look at many of the Super Bowl commercials, how much of it do you think will be healthy stuff? That said, I know you can survive the…

I’m Joining the Shred Nation

The other day I was watching on and off the Rachel Ray show. She had this guy on who was talking about a healthy diet where you can eat, never feel deprived, and still lose weight. He stated, if we go on a strict diet and give up everything, we will tend to fail and thus, not reach our goals. HMMM, I totally agree with that. You will hear me say, everything in moderation. I am honest, I love a glass of wine with dinner or desert here and there. Life is to short not to enjoy it. But, I…

Restaurant Menu’s Do They Help or Hinder Us?

I like to go out to eat, admittedly to much. My biggest struggle to reaching my goals, is eating out. I know there is a debate about this, and would love your thoughts/comments. I personally LOVE having the calories noted on the calendar. It really helps me go NO WAY. There are things I think look healthy, but I know when I see the calories they have stuff in it that is not so much. Or maybe, the answer is I just have to eat half a portion size. I think this is a huge step in staying focused to…

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