I love fall and the change of the seasons.  Here all the leaves are starting to change colors and slowly fall from the trees.  It is kind of a sad time as we move towards winter were everything is “dead” looking.  But, I like to think of it like this.  This is the season to change.  The trees drop their leaves and hibernate but come back in spring fully refreshed and ready to bring life into the world again.  This is the time to declutter my life so I can come back new and refreshed in the new year.

Life is about the seasons, but let’s ask… how often do you go through a period of “change” and reflection to start a new phase of brining growth and opportunity into our life?

Today’s message is to help us bring ring in the new year with abundance to get all that we want, we need to stop and clean up, declutter our life to finish and complete all things.

What I mean by that, how many projects do you have that you started but never “completed”?  You know, the organizing of the house, but the closest are still a mess and driving you crazy.  How many books did you start but never completed before moving on to the next one.  A good one for me, how many craft projects are started and all over my home, but not finished and honored/displayed?  Most of us have tons of unfinished thoughts/projects in our home/business that it kind of weighs us down.  Our mind unconsciously thinks of these things and holds off bringing new things into our life because we “can’t handle” more then what we already got going on.

The Cycle of doing something to COMPLETION.

Just like the cycle of the seasons, we live in a cycle of doing things.


We love NEW and FRESH, so planning and starting something is exciting.  We jump in with 2 feet and just run.  But, as you keep going, it gets hard and maybe boring.  So we slow down.  Often time we never FINISH because that freshness wears off.  So so much is left UNCOMPLETED.  What does that do to our minds?  We start by never complete a project or tasks.  Does it give you an overwhelming sense of stuff “to do”.  Do you feel unsuccessful because you can’t get that project done and it just sits there in the skeleton’s closet.

Its time to COMPLETE these projects now to fully LIVE and THRIVE in the present and our future.

How can I COMPLETE MORE stuff?

1.  Start by saying no more.  Often we have a pile of stuff around that we feel we have to do simply because we were to nice to say no to others.  Maybe you can’t get out of your commitments now, so just COMPLETE them.  But, moving forward learn to take care of yourself too and be honest, say NO when you can’t truly commit to the task.

2.  Ask yourself – What will it take to complete this task?  Create a list of projects and “stuff” you need to complete.  Then make an action plan to getting it done.  Start dedicating time over the last few months of the year to chip away at these projects so they don’t linger on your mind come January.

3.  Do it, Delegate it, Delay it, Dump it.  If you made that list in item 2, maybe you need to start by asking yourself… Does this need to be done now, or can it wait till later (what is the costs to waiting?)  Do I need to do it or can I delegate it to someone to just help me finish it?  And… maybe you pushed it off so long it is time to be honest and say… I just need to Dump this.  It is no longer important to me.

4.  Look at your business and all the projects/admin tasks that are lingering, but don’t forget your personal life.  Is your home so clutter or disorganized you feel it weighing on you?  Is your closet so overstuffed with stuff you no longer wear that you have no room to put in new stuff?

If you want a year of abundance, its time to let go.  Keeping “stuff” is simply a way of saying… I don’t trust my life for the abundance to have new “stuff” come into it.  Those pants don’t fit, time to donate them so new cloths that fits nicely and flatters your figure can come to you.  With that, maybe your boss notices because you have a little more perk in your step/attitude and that leads to a raise at your job.  Do you believe that things like this happen if you finally “let go” of the stuff taking up space in your mind, home, office….

I love the book,  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:  The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo to help me organize and clean my home.  It is a process that I don’t rush through, heck sometimes I feel like it is a never ending journey to find “peace” in the home/office of all the “stuff” I have.  But, my home is so much more peaceful and organized then a year ago.

5.  Schedule ‘Completion Time.’  Yup, maybe you need a weekend to clean out your closet, or a day to catch up on invoices, maybe you just need a few hours a week to complete a project.

I have started an afternoon I call my “Admin Time.”  It is a few hours a week to “clean up” the miscellaneous “stuff” that takes up space in my brain.  Like emptying my email inbox, backing up my computer, finishing tasks that have been lingering, updating my website with a page that has been annoying me forever.  I know I can’t do all my incomplete stuff in an afternoon, but dedicating a few hours a week has really helped me complete a lot and has already been freeing up mine mind.  I am already feeling the abundance flow to me.  My mind isn’t stuck thinking of the stuff I need to finish that ideas are flowing into my mind to help me move towards my goals.

6.  Fix it, Mend it, Toss it.  As I noted above, I have a list of stuff that just annoys me.  Those annoyances might not bother me all the time, but when I see them/think of them they eat at me as yet another thing to do.  Here is a tip… Walk around your home/office and start a list of things that irritate you.  Maybe that shirt you love but don’t wear because a button has fallen off.  Or that pile of paper sitting on the corner of your desk that needs to be filed.   Create a list of all these “annoyances” and than ask… Can I fix it, mend it or should I simply toss it.  Add these items to your “Completion Time” task list and slowly start chipping away at them.

Time to COMPLETE your year

We have almost 3 months left this year.  If you follow this season of change, it is time to clean up, declutter, finish up so you can start the new year with a refreshed mind full of new and amazing opportunities to flow to you.

I can’t wait to hear what you complete and how it has helped you.  Please share in the comments your thoughts on this article and swing by my Facebook and keep me updated on your progress to COMPLETE 2017 strong.

My goal is to share easy tips you can implement now to get you to where you want to be.  I believe we are always on the search for a Mind, Body, Soul balance and I hope I help you find your peace.  Now, go out and Create YOUR Amazing Life!

ps… I love to share tips to help you reach your goals.  Have you downloaded my free goal action plan?  Help you write out what you want to achieve and tips to keep you focused on reaching them? Grab my free Goal Action Planner here now!

Heather Buchman

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