Are you addicted to checking your emails?  Do you spend so much time reading, responding and hopefully deleting emails that you feel you never get “real work” accomplished?  Let’s face it, we need our emails to send out & receive information to clients, but it can quickly become a time sucker that keeps us unfocused throughout our day.  Here are a few tips to using email and still staying focused on your daily goals.

1.  Block Your Email Time on your planner.  Instead of reactively checking/responding to every email ding… Turn off the ding and start scheduling time to check and respond to your email.  Maybe  you have the first thing in the morning, lunch time and right before you quit for the day.  That is typically enough time to still read/respond on your schedule and not keep up with everyone else’s demands on your schedule.  This one tip can help you be more productive and thus HAPPIER and less stressed in your day.

2.  Schedule 45-90 minutes of PRODUCTIVE and CREATIVE work before checking your email.  This ensures that your day has the high payoff activities that will keep driving you closer to your goals.  Plus the 30 minutes you schedule to check your email afterwards can be a nice break from your FOCUSED time.

3.  Create a VIP list.  Do you have a MUST RESPOND TO IMMEDIATELY kinda client.  Or I am just waiting on a certain email to finish a project?  Did you know that on your iphone you can set people as VIP and then turn on notifications to play a special tone when that person emails you?  Cool right, so you can block off the unimportant messages until your scheduled time, but not miss those Need to See people.  And… you can change this list anytime, so you vary it from day to day/project to project.

4.  Close your EMAIL TAB & Turn Off the Notifications.  Yup, to often we keep that tab open on our screen.  Just having them open when we are busy being productive can be a distraction.  So just turn them off.  You already scheduled time and turned on your VIP list, so close out the email tabs and just get down and focused.  Clear the clutter on your screen and in your mind which “knows its there”.  You’ll start feeling better when you do this consistently.

5.  25 Minutes Wasted.  There are studies that show that every time you “switch tasks” you take 25 minutes on average to get back into the zone of what you were doing.  Wow, 25 minutes of wasted time every time you simply check your email and move back to your project.  Makes me want to stop checking my email so much so my day is FOCUSED and PRODUCTIVE and not wasted.  We truly can’t be super efficient and multi-task.

I now that once you get over the initial “anxiety” of not responding immediately, you’ll start seeing your results and productivity go up.  Don’t be afraid to start telling people, I check my emails during specific hours, so if it’s an emergency call me or I will get back to you within a few hours.  Trust me, most people will respect your time.

Heather Buchman

Let me know if this was helpful to you. What are your tips to staying focused by keeping up with your emails?  I want to hear so leave it in the comments or stop by my Facebook page and let’s chat more about this.

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