To live a balanced life, we need to live a healthy life!  I want to share with you tips and inspiration to adding exercise and fitness into your busy life.  I will sharing workouts I love to tips to staying motivated and on track to reaching your goals.

When our body is healthy we tend to be more successful in all areas of our life!

You got this, let’s stay healthy together!

~ Heather Buchman

How to get more done in less time

  Are you crazy busy like me?  I run an at home business, I am focusing on my health & fitness, I am always creating art with the #ZenArtChallenge or my Bible Journaling now.  I have a family.  Our kids are getting married next week. Our first grand baby arrived a little over a month ago.  The list can go on and on and on.  And yet, I look at all the stuff I have to do.  From simply doing laundry to and getting rid of stuff around the house to running my business.  I continually am looking for how…

My Spiritual Journey Through Bible Journaling

The other day, I talked about getting so feed up with my health and my weight that I knew it was time to draw that line in the sand and just get started. That was also because in January I went through and reviewed my Level 10 Goals for what I wanted to achieve this year. And… one of them was to improve my health and to lose weight…. so I took action.  Then there was the category for spiritual goals, and I had to question my own spiritual journey.  That is when I discovered Bible Journaling. But, one of the…

Get so feed up, you have to take action

Hey! It’s been a bit since I last wrote, but life happens right.  I do know that LIFE has gotten super crazy around here.  Just in February alone a kid stole a car and crashed into both mine and my husband’s cars (his is totaled, mine was in the shop for a month).  Talk about stress!!! I wanted to share something that has been on my mind lately.  GOALS and commitment.  On January 15 – I was tired!  I was tired of not fitting in my jeans, not feeling well all the time, just tired of being out of shape and overweight….

Kick Start Your Workout with Real Results

I have been on a mission to lose a few pounds as my stepson’s wedding is quickly approaching and I know I want to look great in all the wedding photos. Therefore, I have started to workout and eat better, slowly making healthy changes.  But, I wanted to share with you a secret I have and have to pass it forward. See, I found this AMAZING body lotion I put on after my shower (and at night if I don’t forget), and it helps tone and tighten loose skin plus it reduces the appearance of cellulite.  Yeah, I was like…

8 Tips to STOP LIVING the Manic Mondays

Do you wake up on Monday feeling calm and ready to start your week?  Or do you start the week off in total chaos? I get it!  I use to be there, I wanted to wake up at the last possible moment to go to work.  Thus, I rushed my morning routine to get ready (that included the take my dog out and rush him to do his thing too).  But just think of how the rest of the day went when I started it like this.  It tended to follow that chaotic-ness I started first thing in the morning. It’s…

Commercial Break Get Moving Challenge

You ever want something and you work really hard on it, make progress and then one day stop doing what you need to do to be successful. Then, you seem to fall farther back then where you started? Now, you know where you “want to be” and you really do know how to get there, but that getting started can be really hard. It’s like holding you stuck for some reason. Yeah, I get that. I find I can be flying through and so focused on something and really seeing the momentum and the success. But then life can get…

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