It’s been a bit since I last wrote, but life happens right.  I do know that LIFE has gotten super crazy around here.  Just in February alone a kid stole a car and crashed into both mine and my husband’s cars (his is totaled, mine was in the shop for a month).  Talk about stress!!!

I wanted to share something that has been on my mind lately.  GOALS and commitment.  On January 15 – I was tired!  I was tired of not fitting in my jeans, not feeling well all the time, just tired of being out of shape and overweight.  I was on the verge of having to buy larger jeans as mine were busting at the seems and overflowing at the top (yes, a dreaded muffin top).   That day was the day I said enough is enough.  I became so tired and feed up with were I was that I went into a local gym and signed up.

I committed to going every weekday (and weekends off) and since then, I have made that happen with only a few missed days.  I hired a trainer for a few introductory seasons to help get me started and I found a few free programs on Bodybuilding.com I am following to help get me started.  Join my free accountability group and I’ll share with you what I am doing.

It’s been almost 3 months since that day I was feed up.  I wish I could say my diet changed overnight to eliminate all the crap.  Nope, remember those cars and the stress.  Yeah… wine and ice cream helped me get through that.  But, even through all the craziness I still showed up to my commitment to myself.  See, I realized MY WHY (of wanting to lose the weight) was FINALLY bigger then my excuses.  I could easily have stayed home and cried over my cars (trust me, tons of tears were shed).  I could have quit…  But I AM DETERMINED to be back to me.  Healthy and fit.

In the almost 3 months, I have seen the scale move a little bit.  Gosh 7.5# seems like nothing and I SO WISH it was more, but it’s progress.  My jeans I haven’t worn in years are fitting now.  I feel better, walk more (at least 10,000 steps a day on average), I sleep better, my FitBit says my resting heart beat is going down.  Just little things daily I notice.

But, you know when life gets crazy… like the cars… and you keep showing up! That is when you know you have goals that you are ready to crush.  See, in my journal I write out everyday my WHY over and over and over.  It’s my constant reminder to keep showing up and doing my best.  It might be… I don’t want to buy bigger cloths.  I want to look good at our kids wedding.  Summer and shorts/tank tops are fast approaching and I want definition in my arms.

My quick message to you today… is figure out your WHY!  What has you so FEED UP IN LIFE right now that you will do anything to push that goal no matter what life throws at you.  It doesn’t just have to be just about your health/fitness.  Maybe you are tired of struggling financially at the end of the month and want just a few more dollars to feel a cushion so you will work your business a little harder today.  Maybe your tired of being home alone so much, so your goal is to get out and hang with friends or meet new ones.  Whatever your goal… Write out why you truly deep down inside you want to make it a reality and then I promise you… you will find the time and the ways needed to make it happen.  Do I make sacrifices to go to the gym, up.  I may have more laundry that piles up or the dishes wait till later to get done.  It’s life.  There are balances to it all.  But, show up and as you work on your goal… you learn to find that balance.  You realize what you can “give up” to have what you want.  Or you learn where to ask for help to make something happen.

I know you got this!  Whatever your goal.  It’s time to use that feeling of being FEED UP WITH LIFE to FIRE UP YOUR LIFE!

I’d love to hear from you… Stop by my Facebook page (Heather Buchman) and say hi and let me know what you are doing today to DRIVE your life forward.  Oh… and if you want inspiration/motivation to reach a fitness goal… I have a small group of my friends inspiring each other to do our best daily to stay focused to our goals. Totally free, I’d love to invite you to join us.  I try and post tips to help you on your weight loss/fitness journey.  So if you want… just asked to join us at Kick Starters – Ready for Change.  See you there too.

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Have a fabulous and successful day.
Create YOUR Amazing Life

Heather Buchman


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