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How to Fight Temptations to Achieve My Goals

  Last week I was talking about how temptation can keep us from our goals.  If you haven’t read that blog yet, here it is.  This week, let’s chat about overcoming and how to fight temptations to stay on track with our goals. I am working through the book Purpose Driven Life where I was inspired by the topic of temptation and how it drives us.  See, I think we are all tempted away from what we want on a daily basis.  It’s so easy to “give in” to our old habits and our comfort zone then to push past…

Is temptation keeping you from your goals?

As I go through and review my past year and my goals, I have to look at what held me back.  One thing I am asking, what temptations do I give into?  How can I stop myself from letting temptation keep me from my goals? What is temptation? First, what really is temptation?  A Google definition… temp·ta·tion        noun: temptation; plural noun: temptation  1. a desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. “he resisted the temptation to call Celia at the office” 2.  a thing or course of action that attracts or tempts someone. “the temptations…

Personal Achievement Goal Setting Workbook for 2018

I am so passionately about setting goals for your future, because I know that writing them down helps you achieve them.  That is why, I am writing today as a friendly reminder that my favorite personal achievement goal setting workbook, Your Best Year 2018, is out and the sale is ending soon. There’s so much potential in the air this time of year, and I love channeling that energy into real results. I know you will too! In 2018, I want you to find and embrace your unlimited potential. I want you to complete whatever it is you set out to accomplish. I want…

My Secret Weapon for Success for Setting Goals for 2018

Welcome to the holiday season!  It’s that time of year again, and I can feel the excitement in the air. End-year celebrations are just around the corner, and today I have a special treat to share!  I want to share my secret weapon of success and setting goals for 2018. Every December, I hunker down with my favorite goal-setting workbook to review the year I’m in and plan the one ahead. There’s so much potential in the season, it’s almost tangible, and I love channeling that excitement into real results. Contrary to popular belief, NOW is the time to do so—not…

25 Easy Ways to find more ME Time

This year has been a tough year for me, especially in the last month.  Both our cars were hit in a late night incident back in February.   I very long, stressful, costly journey. Then just after finally that came to close, our dog (Romeo) passed away.  He was my baby, and the loss of him was very hard on me.  I was starting to see so much of the negative in life, that the I needed to find Me Time and figure out my life and what makes ME happy. Why I Need to Find Me Time What I…

Is it Time to Lean in More Towards Your Goals?

Do you ever have goals you want to accomplish but just seem to struggle to get started?  Have you been dreaming of starting something, but you’re not quiet sure how so you are procrastinating on moving forward.  Do fears of will this work for me just make you doubt your dream so you just keep it hidden inside with no action towards it?  Maybe it is time to lean in more towards your goals and dreams. Why is now the time to lean in more towards your goals? Change with everything starts when we do something.  When we learn to…

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