I am always about chasing goals and trying to stay on track to reaching my dreams.  I also believe in always being a student and learning because when we take time to read a book, listen to a podcast, go to a class… we only become more knowledgable.  Then if we implement what we learn, we can grow from it and push us closer to what we want.  But, having a role model, following someone that has what we want to have can really help guide us to our success.  Do you know you can learn tons of hidden secrets from your role model??

Who is My Role Model?

No matter what our goal (lose weight, get out of debt, build a business), we probably follow people who share tips and advice on the subject we want to get better in.  They often have what we dream of having (perfect body, eat healthy, successful business, rich and live a good life, travel a lot, a great parent…)   The people we follow are our role models aka mentors.  Many times they are people who don’t know us or we have never spoken to or probably never met personally.  They are just people who have what we want and we admire them.  Most likely they give valuable tips that you learn from and that is why you keep coming back to them.  We are drawn to them for reasons, most of the time they have what we desire and we seek their wisdom.

What are the Hidden Teachings of My Role Model

Besides the obvious tips and tricks they share do you know you can learn so much from the people you follow.  Things you may not think about that they offer you with their actions.

Today, I am doing an exercise with you to review some of our role models.  Obviously, if they have what I want, I feel I should dig deeper into why.  What are they doing that makes me follow them and want what they have?  What do they really do “behind the scenes” that I could be doing too so I reach my goals maybe faster?  These are the hidden secrets they share with us, but often we miss if we don’t think about them.

Learning From My Role Model’s Example

You know I am a journal addict.  I love writing stuff down.  If I have question prompts, I jot them down and think about them.  Then, how can I apply the answers to my life.

I was doing an exercise on role models the other day.  Asking myself to really dig deeper into figuring out what my role models are doing so I can ] implement some of what they are doing in my life.

I thought this might help you, so wanted to share a few journal prompts for you today to take you to the next level in your goals.

  1. Write the name of your role model on the top of the page. Someone who has what you want, you admire, you wish you could be like.  Maybe in business it is even a competitor of yours (not to copy exactly but to learn from them.)  For me, I decided to do this exercise with at least 3 people I admire.  Each person was successful in what I want, but for slightly different reasons.  I started with 3 as a good mix to try and really learn from them, figure out their secrets to success.  I also note their website, social media pages… anything I might want to go back to later, I make notes about them in my journal.
  2. Then I ask myself a serious of questions about them.
    1. What are they doing to create the experience I follow them for?  Why am I so drawn to them?
    2. Based on what they are doing, where in my life can I improve to have that experience for myself?  If I am following a business mentor, maybe the question is – How can I create that experience for my customers?
    3. What are 3 things they are doing (in my view) that creates their success?
    4. Do I need to work on improving or how can I add any of these items into my life?
    5. How do they present themselves, online or in person if you met them?  Where do I need to improve to present myself with those “traits”?
    6. Where do they seem to invest their time?



  • A fitness role model:  Do they seem to spend more time on their fitness or nutrition?  Are they teaching more or actively doing the activities first?  Do they do the same diet/workout, or change it up?
  • A business mentor:  Where or how are they marketing?  What is their “style” and why are you drawn to it?  How is their customer service?  Where can you find them on social media, why do you think they choose these platforms?  Do they seem to have a brand theme that you can say… yes, that is … just by looking at it or reading it?


    1. What are you figure out that they are doing “behind the scenes” so they can share what they share.  Are they trying or learning new things, holding or attending classes, working much harder then you are?
    2. What skills do they seem to have that I might need to improve upon?
    3. What is my role model doing so much better then I am doing?  How can I improve myself from their example?

Self Review of What I Learned from My Role Model

Now that I took time to really dig into my role model and figure out why I like them and why I follow them, I start looking more into my life.  Remember, I do this exercise for 3 people.  I want to see if there is a common theme?  Something pulls me towards them?

If I can figure out a few of “those things” that they have that I want, I start a new list in my journal.  My Things To Improve On List.

I admit, that list might be long at first because we tend to compare ourselves to others not always in a positive way.  So, don’t look at this as a no wonder I fail at … remember, this is a way to chase your goals and learn.  So your list is just things you can start taking action on.

I personally can’t do everything at once.  Think of someone who wants to lose weight as a new year’s resolution.  They drastically change their diet and hit the gym all on the same day.  Two weeks later, they are frustrated and burnt out and give up.  I don’t want you to give up on your dreams and goals.  I want you to make the small changes that lead to success.

So go through that list and set priorities… Which items if you do them will have the most impact on your goal?  Pick 1-2 that you can focus on and start turning those into your healthy habits.  As you get better at those, pick the next one.

Final thought, Action Plan…

In my goal book/ goal series I ask questions like:  What classes / resources do I need to take to get better at this.  Sometimes “the things to improve on list” will help you create an action list for your future.  All we can do is one thing at a time and go for it.  Maybe you need to create cash / time to take that class, so the first step is figuring out how to do that.  I love brainstorming and mind-mapping out goals.  I think that this exercise with learning form our role models can help us brainstorm ideas towards our goals.

A role model can teach us TONS!  Especially if we work one on one with them (I am always about investing in ourselves to improve).  But, a role model can tell us a lot by their actions too.  Learn their stories, where did they come from and what are they doing to get to where they are.  When we start digging deeper we can learn from them and use their tips to better our life.  We can start writing our own story!!

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I would love to know if this posts was helpful!  Leave me a comment below.  And since I love giving shout outs to others, tell me in the comments or on my Facebook page (Heather Buchman) who your role model is and why you follow them?  We can learn from others and help each other.  Someone you admire might be the person someone else is looking for.  Share and let your role model know you love to follow them with a tag/shout out.

My goal is to share easy tips you can implement now to get you to where you want to be. Go out and Create YOUR Amazing Life!

Heather Buchman

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