Do you take time to look at your goals?  When you use the Level 10 worksheet do you write out stuff you want to achieve in all areas of your life?  But do you ask yourself how can I achieve my goals in 2017?  Or do you hope you will make them happen?  Final question, how did last year turn out for you?

Why I failed at goal setting

I know personally, when I stop and reflect on my life and my goals, I tend to set goals for all areas of my life.  My business, my health, my family, my income, decluttering my home…  Then I go gangbusters and work on ALL of them all at once to get them accomplished and checked off my list.

That method works ummm for about 2 weeks.  See, here is why…  I go full force in my workouts.  I spend tons of time meal planning to try and eat right, then I am spending all day chopping veggies and cleaning dishes all while being super sore from going to hard in my workout.  But, I am also running like crazy to clean and organize my home, so I just emptied out all my cabinets and now can’t decide which of the dishes stay or should be donated.  So they all sit on my counters/table way to long.  Now, that I overwhelmed myself in the kitchen and am to sore to think about reaching back up into the cabinet to put stuff back, I decided to run to my office to work on my blog, make business calls, get the draft of my next book going…..  GOSH, I am exhausted!

So tomorrow I skip the workout to focus on meal prepping.  Saves time right?  Soon I skip the daily decluttering process because it’s to much time and a huge mess and simply overwhelming to think about (I’ll get to that on the weekend I say).  Quickly I am not writing on my blog as much because I am pushing to hard at the time of writing my goals and now have writers block.  See… slowly one after another my goals start fading away.  I see them slipping by, but in the moment don’t even realize I am “giving up” one step one goal at a time.

How I plan to achieve more goals in 2017

Therefore, this year… as I write out my goals I am taking time to figure out the 1-2 that are truly important to me RIGHT NOW.  Which will have the most impact if I achieve them?  For example, building my business will help me generate the income so I can get closer to having the money to remodel that kitchen.

Once I figure out my BIG PUSH goal, I plan to break it down into steps I can do weekly and then daily and focus on it for at least 90 days.  My daily planner will have the top 3 things to focus on for the day/week (depending on the task).  These are the items that I will be my focusing on through my day to keep me on track.

I will review my progress daily in my journal and ask myself how did I do today, what were my victories/wins towards this goal?  Where did I struggle?  At the end of the first 30 days, I plan to review my progress and my goals and make sure I am on track and it’s still something I am pushing for.  I can then make a new plan for the next 30 and keep going.  This will help me stay focused on what I want to achieve!!!

But,… what about all those other goals I want to achieve?  How can I still accomplish them you ask?  For me, I will review my other goals and see what the time/commitment is needed to meet them.  If it will interfere greatly with my big PUSH goal, I may push that aside.  Learn to say… This is NOT the time to accomplish this, I must stay focused on my main goal.

Some examples: How will I make time to reach my health/fitness goal?  I plan to get up a little earlier to focus on my workouts.  I will meal plan one day and save time by cooking more then 1 meal at a time.  For example, cook extra at dinner and have leftovers for lunch to keep my work day flowing.  What about cleaning/decluttering my house (a huge task for me).  Well, that might be my weekend project when I am taking a break from business activity.  I will have to realize it may take longer to get that goal accomplished.  I will then only allow myself so many hours a week towards that goal to at least make progress.

My closing thoughts to help you achieve more in 2017.

Stay focused on what is really important to you.  Don’t try and do to much and get overwhelmed, distracted and simply lose your focus.  Trust me, focusing on one project at a time will help you get it done faster so you can move on towards your next goal.  Plus, as you get better at managing your time and what needs to be accomplished in your day, you will also be able to start adding in more smaller goals.

Take time to plan your month, week and daily tasks that you want to focus on for the month.  SCHEDULE the tasks in your planner.  Leave wiggle room in your daily planning for the unexpected things that pop up in life.  Finally, stop and review your day?  Are you on track, what are you struggling with, how can you overcome that, what additional resources might you need???  Also, what were your wins and accomplishments!!!!

Take the time needed to really FOCUS on one goal.  Give yourself 90 days to truly work towards what you want to achieve.  You can make huge progress when you do this.  Break down that huge project/goal into a 90 day MEASURABLE task and go or it.

For example, if you have $50,000 in debt that you wan to eliminate, but that probably isn’t feasible in 90 days, then maybe your goal in 90 days is to reduce that debt down $5000. Now you can break it down into what can I do each month to save $1700 a month to put to the debt?  If you look at each day and make a CONSCIOUS decision to stay focused on your goal, you might say… I will cut out a trip to Starbucks today or I will pack a lunch for the week.  Each little decision adds up.  At the end of 30 days when you review your month, if you only saved $1400 don’t beat yourself up for “missing a goal”, be proud of what you accomplished.  Then review where can you save even more next month to keep you on track or do you seriously need to adjust your 90 day goal to $4000?  This is the time to make the necessary adjustments and push for the next 30 days.  If you had 10 goals you were focused, do you think you’d notice that extra trip to the craft store or the extra days out to lunch?  Or did you justify a new pair of shoes to go with your new workout outfit (your fitness goal is calling you right) that you forgot about your debt goal?

I know you got this!  2017 will be an awesome year for you!!!!  Let’s start it off right and on track by picking 1-2 really big goals you want to achieve.  Then just FOCUS on the weekly/daily activities that will help you reach them for just the next 90 days.  I would love to hear from you, what’s your first PUSH goal for 2017?  Leave me a comment on Facebook to help you achieve it.  They say telling others helps you be accountable to sticking to it.

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Have a fabulous and successful day.
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Heather Buchman

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