Do you have sheets you’d like to be able to re-use in your planner verses recreating them every time you need them.  I know some people use laminators.  But buying that machine and the sheets of laminating paper can be expensive.  I have seen people create one blank page and then use post it notes and just swap those in and out each week as needed.  I know personally, I am always losing post it’s.  So I had to come up with an alternative solution for a re-useable laminated page.

A great example of a page I use every week is my meal planner.  I tend to create a shopping list every week which I know I don’t keep after be used.  I also like having it in my planner so I can add to it as ideas pop in my head.

I want to share how I created a laminated re-usable page in just a few minutes that has saved me so much time.  Plus, I can simply pull my grocery list out of my planner and erase the items I got as I walk through the store.

Steps to Create A Cheap Laminated & Reusable Planner Page

  1. First find or create the sheet you want to use each week.  I am using my meal planner for this example (you can download it here).  I always create my sheets in Word to keep it easy.  There are also plenty of printable PDF’s on the web if you search.
  2. Set the printer to print the page size you desire.  Since I am inserting into my A5 Bullet Journal, I changed print size to A5.  I also printed the same page for my Happy Planner, I just printed a full size page to 65%.
    Meal Planner Page1
  3. Trim the printed page to the desired size.  Note, trim them slightly smaller then the desired size.  So if you want a final page size of an A5  (5.8″ x 8.3″), leave at least 1/8 to 1/4″ around the 4 sides so it will fit in your planner when completed.
  4. Buy a roll of Clear Contact Paper from any department store. Yes, we can use this for more then lining shelves.  A roll will cost you less then $10 and last you FOREVER.  (Here is what I use.*)Meal Planner page 2
  5. Cut the paper to be about a 1/2″ or more larger then your page.  Note, you need 2 sheets one for front and one for back.
  6. Put your first page on the contact paper with the 1/2″ around the page (your writing side of the planner page gets stuck to the contact paper).   No need to be exact here, it’s why you cut the contact paper large then your paper size.meal planner page 3
  7. I recommend if you have 2 pages, print front and back for easier application.  If you have 2 separate pages, after the contact paper is applied to the first sheet, flip it over and simply lay your 2nd page on top of the first (writing facing up now). Apply the contact paper over your back page so it aligns with the completed first page.
    meal planner page 4
  8. Trim the extra contact paper to fit your page.  Keep at least a 1/8″ around all the edges of the page to hold the pages together nicely.
  9. BOOM – Your done with your reusable page.  You now have a reusable laminated planner page that took less then 15 minutes to make.  Use dry erase markers on it and you can write on it and wipe off.  It really doesn’t smear once you write on it as long as you are careful.  You only need a damp paper towel to wipe off the writing when you are done.
  10. I use Washi tape to insert it in my bullet journal.  I then can simply move the page to the new week as needed.  Plus the tape allows me to flip the page just like any other page in my planner.  I simply whole punch it into my happy planner.


If you found this helpful, please let me know in the comments and of course… sharing is caring.  Please pass it on, pin it or tell a friend.  I love coming up with hacks for my bullet journal planner.  If you want more helpful hacks too, make sure to sign up for my free Meal Planner or Level 10 Goal Planner sheets and stay up to date with tips I have for you.Heather Buchman

Have a fabulous day.


Heather Buchman


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