Last week I was talking about how temptation can keep us from our goals.  If you haven’t read that blog yet, here it is.  This week, let’s chat about overcoming and how to fight temptations to stay on track with our goals.

I am working through the book Purpose Driven Life where I was inspired by the topic of temptation and how it drives us.  See, I think we are all tempted away from what we want on a daily basis.  It’s so easy to “give in” to our old habits and our comfort zone then to push past where we are to get to where we want to be.

Temptation all starts in my mind.

Often I think we are tempted by others and they lead us on a path we wouldn’t ultimately take.  But, as I am also going through Tony Robbin’s Ultimate Edge CDs, I am realizing temptation is simply my mind and my daily thoughts.  My mind is simply replaying limiting beliefs (stories why I can’t or I am not enough) and I have and telling these stories over and over that now I believe they are true.  These stories also allow me to “give in” to what I least desire.

It is east to say…. I am not strong enough to stick to this diet then eat a donut.  It is also easy to say –  I am not a good enough friend and then skip out on a lunch date to stay home and watch a movie.   The theme “I am not enough” runs through my head often and because of that… temptation is easily allowed in.

Now is the time to burn our beliefs or internal thoughts that drive us and push temptation aside.  We are ENOUGH!  We are strong enough to turn away from temptation because we are WORTHY of Creating an Amazing Life of Our Dreams!

How do I fight temptations to stay on track with my goals?

  1. Refuse to be intimidated.   We all have temptations and we will never not have a day where they are all gone.  Don’t be ashamed or feel guilty because you have these thoughts that draw you away from where you want to be.  Temptation is simply a part of our life. We become better when we are challenged.  Once you get on the path to success and start gaining momentum towards your goals, you won’t be as tempted and the journey becomes easier.  The thing to remember, we all have our moments of “weakness” we can’t change that at all.  BUT… we can change how we act on our thoughts?  Do we give in or fight for what we want?  Start learning to fight for what we want and those voices in our heads pulling us away from what we want.  When we fight, the temptations will start to fade, at least for this moment.  Each time you win and beat the temptation of the moment it makes the next fight even easier.
  2. Learn to see your pattern for temptations. We all have times we feel like giving in to our temptation that tend to stand out when we pay attention to them.  Maybe we stress eat.  Or homework hour with the kids can be nerve wracking so you give in to a glass of wine and forget about your fitness goals in the moment.  We might be impulse buyers and see something online that we “just gotta have right now.”  (I am always tempted in Facebook groups to have the latest “gadget” or art supplies. Some of your situations you will notice immediate weakness, for example smoking in a bar with friends when you are trying to quit.  Start paying attention, journalling about your goals and your daily temptations.  Ask… When am I most tempted?  When am I at my weakest to give in?  Where do I feel tempted the most (at work, at night?)  Once you start noticing the moments you fall into temptation the most, you can start to work to avoiding or correcting or simply fighting the temptations.  Pay attention to the patterns, and ask… How can I avoid these situations if I truly want to reach my goals?  Schedule walks with friends around the lake instead of at a bar if you are trying to eat better/quit smoking?  What “new habits/routines” can you create that help you stay on track?  Change is definitely HARD, but the final outcome of reaching your goals are so worth it.  I spend less times in Facebook groups that are so enabling me to buy more (I might visit it once a week instead of daily).  I miss the daily interaction sometimes, but my wallet thanks me.
  3. Request help.  Journey’s to overcoming some temptations are extremely difficult to go alone.  Especially for things like drug or alcohol addictions.  That’s why they make support groups and programs to help you through situations.  Maybe your religious and can pray or there is a church support group you can do.  Ask a friend/family member for support you in some specific way.  If you are trying to do a no spend month to get out of debt, don’t be afraid to say to a friend… Can we not go to dinner but maybe just go for a hike, I am trying to save money to get out of debt and your support means the world to me.    We often get so afraid of what others think, that we tend to hide our problems and those struggle alone to fight our temptations.  When we get real and honest and ask for help, we can fight our temptations a little more easily.  We aren’t here on this earth to go it alone, we all need the help of others at times, so don’t be afraid to ask.
  4. Help others in their journey.  When you learn to overcome your temptation, realize many people probably struggle with the same one as you.  Sometimes, simply helping others helps you stay on track.  Share your secrets how you fought your temptations to reach your goal.  Be that person someone else can lean on.  When we learn to give, we tend to be able to fight stronger for ourselves.  It goes back to #3, we are all here for a purpose and to go through life helping others through sharing our gifts.   When you need help, you want someone there.  Just think of it backwards, others are waiting for your help too.  Sharing is caring and it’s a great way to continue to fight your temptations and push closer or past your goal.


This Weeks Create An Amazing Life Challenge

Pull out your journal and keep notes on your temptations.  Start with what are your goals.  Then write down times, situations, conversations, people… that start to trigger temptations that pull you away from what you want.

As you start writing down what pulls you away, create a new page that gives you ideas how to overcome these temptations/situations.  Does it mean less time with certain people, not buying certain things, not hanging out at such a place, removing yourself from Facebook groups.

You need to know, if your goals are important to you, some of the actions you need to take will be extremely difficult at times.  Ask yourself:  Are you worth it?  What will you gain from meeting your goals and blocking the temptations?  What pains and what will happen if you continue to give into them?

Once you are aware, you can make smarter decisions.  Taking action will get you to where you want to be!

I would love to hear from you, what is one of your greatest temptations?  What is your trigger?  And starting right now, what can you do to fight it?  Stop by my Instagram post here and let’s discuss.

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My goal is to share easy tips you can implement now to get you to where you want to be.  I believe we are always on the search for a Mind, Body, Soulful balance and I hope I can help you find your peace and reach your goals.  Now, go out and Create YOUR Amazing Life!

Heather Buchman

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