Have you ever heard, Find your passion and you will never have to work a day in your life?

Just curious, if the career path you are doing today is your passion?

If I sit back and am honest with myself, my career wasn’t based on passion.  Heck, by the time I went to college I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  I started as an “undecided”, but knew that anything that required a lot of reading and writing wasn’t where I wanted to go.  (Ha, now I love reading/writing, gosh how times change.)  That lead me more into math and sciences and eventually into engineering.  Following the footsteps of my father.  It was fun, I enjoyed what I did.  But, I never felt like it was my true calling.  I was always seeking more or answers to the question, what do I want in 5 years.  I KNEW that climbing a corporate ladder wasn’t really what I was seeking.

Life has a way a twisting and turning and I feel like it eventually brings you to your passions and ways of earning an income are there if you see them.  I grew up LOVING ART.  I was always drawing something.  I guess I had this thing in my mind “starving artist” was not the way I wanted to live either.  So… my talents got hidden and I graduated with an engineering degree and barely picked up a pencil.  Today… as the world turns, I have started more fun hobbies in art from painting, to drawing, to scrapbooking, to Zentangle.  I soon became addicted and had to share Zentangle with my friends because I thought it was so easy for anyone to become an “artist” and bring out hidden talents through this method.  That lead to one person trying, then another, then another.  I have an amazing group on Facebook and have since created my ZenArtChallenge Books.  Never did I think I would earn an income through my love of art.  Am I making a living off just my art, not yet.  But, boy did it open my eyes to even more possibilities I never thought of.

I left engineering years ago to follow my passion of helping others succeed in reaching their dreams for their life.  I believe that is my true passion.  Knowing that I can inspire others to be a little better then yesterday and a little better tomorrow.  That these small daily changes can lead to an amazing life.

But… You are sitting here going… how do I find MY PASSION?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself.  Places to start exploring your hidden away passions.  Once you find what you love, start looking for those opportunities to help you earn a little (or a lot) of extra income.

How Do I Find My Passion?

  1. What were you interested in and loved to do as a kid? 

Was it the arts, music, traveling, writing, reading… Start looking at what made you so happy as a kid.  Make notes in your journal of some of your favorite memories or what you might have written “papers” on in school.  You’ll be surprised what comes up.

Once you start writing your interest, think of possibilities that come with it.  Remember… Oprah gets paid to talk to people.  So what could you turn your interest into?  Writers can be bloggers, journalist.  Reading… maybe you can be a reader for a voice over for commercials/cartoons.  Traveling, you could write reviews of hotels/restaurants from your favorite cities.

I watch the tv shows out today and wow, these people are living their dreams.  We have ghost hunters, home decorators, game show hosts, professional athletes (who also need refs, announcers)…. the list is endless.

Don’t let those voices as a kid from a parent that said “you should go to school for…”  or “don’t be silly, you will never be able to do…” hold you back today.

2.  What causes do you care about?

If you have a cause that you care about, how can you really help others and live your passion.  Someone had to start the Wounded Warriors Program or the Animal Rescues?

3.  What scares you?

Do something that totally scares you.  For example…Ever wanted to skydive, but never did?   Take time to do those scary things.  Join a sports team to get your adrenaline going.

Just doing something a little scary can take you outside your comfort zone.  Being pushed and challenged can help you see more possibilities that are waiting for you to do.  Then, you’ll realize writing a book might not be as scary as jumping out of a plane.  It might be enough to take you to the next step in living your passion.

4.  Money talks.

Yup, you can’t quit your job by jumping out of a plane today.  You probably can’t quit your job on the first painting you painted.  But, you know what.  If you start and take action you just never know where that journey can lead you.  Start doing something towards your passion.  Research more possibilities.  If you love art, could you work in a museum?  You might not be able to quit today, but you maybe able to one day.

The money might not be there today to start your foundation, but there are so many people teaching others how to start a foundation or get a grant.

Once you know more about your inner passions and what inspires you, simply take a small step.  Research more into it.  Try it, ask and look for help… the possibilities are endless.  It’s amazing how time flies away when you do something you love.  Suddenly you’ll pick up that how to book to help you instead of watching a tv show before bed.

You’ll be amazed how this amazing thing called life can FIRE your insides.  No one is meant to live a boring mundane life.  So pull out your journal and start going through the above questions.  Start finding things that inspire you and make you smile.  Even if you volunteered more, would that warm your heart if it helped your cause?  It’s NEVER to late to do what your hear desires!!!!!

Heather Buchman

I’d love to hear from you, do you live your passion?  Tell us in the comments what it is.  Do you know what you want to do, we’d love to hear it.  What’s stopping you from moving forward, ask away on our Facebook page, maybe someone can help.  This is your time!  Download our free Goal Focus Action Planner to help get you started.

Have a fabulous and successful day.

Create YOUR Amazing Life

Heather Buchman

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