Are you crazy busy like me?  I run an at home business, I am focusing on my health & fitness, I am always creating art with the #ZenArtChallenge or my Bible Journaling now.  I have a family.  Our kids are getting married next week. Our first grand baby arrived a little over a month ago.  The list can go on and on and on.  And yet, I look at all the stuff I have to do.  From simply doing laundry to and getting rid of stuff around the house to running my business.  I continually am looking for how to get more done in less time and be super productive.


Here is a tip that I have found that has worked for me to be more organized on certain projects/tasks and I just want to pass it on.

Create an HOUR OF POWER!

Heck, it can be a 15 Minutes of Focus.

Call it whatever you want, and dedicate as much time as you can and let’s get to work.

How does this Hour of Power of 15 Minutes of Focus work?

First you have to look at your goals?  What do you want to accomplish this month?  Break it down into weekly goals, what do I need to do this week?

Maybe your list is:  Clean the bedroom and clear out my closet (donate what doesn’t fit or is worn anymore.)  Run my business by making calls, doing follow ups, scheduling appointments.  Write a blog posts.  Create a meal plan and go to the gym.  Pay my bills.

Now that you have your weekly To Do List created, go to your planner and fill in all the nonnegotiable times you have taken up.  Like doctors appointments, work 9-5.  Block those off because you probably can’t do your to do list during that time.  Don’t include lunch breaks if you get one, that might be a precious hour of your “free time” though.

Now, go into your To Do List and create a priority for each item.  What has to be done first to possibly do the next task?  For example, in my business if I don’t talk to new people and make calls, then I have no follow ups to make.  So making new connections and networking is priority 1 and follow ups 2.  Maybe cleaning my closet is priority 1 and cleaning the bedroom is priority 2.  But, that comes after my business work.  Therefore, those are now #3, 4 on my lost.  Keep going until everything is completed and given a priority.

Next… how much time do you need to complete each task?  Some might be more then an hour, but lets do an hour at a time.  Maybe it will require three one hour slots in your week, but you now it’s more then an hour.  Write on your planner, in order of priority a time slot of 1 hour to do that task.  Some tasks might be broken down to 15 minutes.  Give yourself a 15 minute FOCUS time on that task.

Then, when you schedule out that time, simple set a timer and GET TO WORK.  Turn off all distractions (phone, tv… and just focus on what you are doing.)  Like I might be able to make 5 business calls in 15 minutes in the morning and I might be able to do 5 follow up calls 15 minutes in the afternoon.  In those 15 minute time slots, I will have my list & phone ready and I simply just dial and get it done.  I am not spending 15 minutes thinking about who to call, searching for phone numbers… Maybe I dedicate 15 minutes the night before to do that list?

How I can do do my Hour of Power tip for cleaning.  First, I can schedule 30 minutes just to go through all my pants today and maybe 30 minutes to clear out my shirts tomorrow.  Then I can keep doing my 15 – 60 minutes slots of FOCUSED work as I scheduled on my planner until my cleaning is done.

You watch, suddenly you really are getting more stuff done then you thought you could.  Ever have a friend said I am stopping by in 15 minutes?  Then you do that mad dash around the house to “straighten up” to have it be presentable?  It really is amazing what you can accomplish when you just FOCUS.

Why we need our Focused Time

Problem is in our day, we “will get to that” later, but later never comes.  We try and multi-task… oh I can talk to Sarah while cleaning my closet.  But, we mess up and things almost take longer to “fix it” later.

Because we took time to review our to do list at the beginning of the week and we “blocked time” into our schedule to do it. It gives us a sense of calming knowing we can get to it and not hope it will get done.  Or we can quickly realize… OMG, I have way to much to do this week, something has got to give.  So you can ask for help or push it off to a later date or simply reschedule tasks.  But, that sense of overwhelm will start to go away because you know you are dedicating time to your project, task or simply a thing you have been meaning to get to.

Heck it could be as easy as 15 minutes of dusting to 15 minutes to workout.  When we use our time and commit to being focused for just a few minutes a day, we are proud of our accomplishments and not “tired” of our long projects and to do list and feeling defeated before we start.  Heck, I can clean for 15 minutes, but thinking of cleaning all day is dreadful and I put it off.

Start doing this 15 Minutes of Focus or an Hour of Power and I promise, you will get more done in less time.  Your business (or any goal) will boom as you dedicate an hour to writing your blog today and maybe an hour to do the editing, creating the photos and publishing it tomorrow.  Or simply an dedicating an hour to just work your business might be a start.  Not hoping to find time (that makes it a hobby right).  Because a business takes time and focus, so schedule it on your planner and get to work!  Cleaning your desk for the 10x is not focused work.  Do the right activities in your focused time, and I promise in a month, 3 months, 6 months you will be amazed how far you have come to reaching your goals, being less stress and overwhelmed and feeling so much more accomplished!

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Until later, have a fabulous day!
Create YOUR Amazing Life

~Heather Buchman

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