Do you ever have goals you want to accomplish but just seem to struggle to get started?  Have you been dreaming of starting something, but you’re not quiet sure how so you are procrastinating on moving forward.  Do fears of will this work for me just make you doubt your dream so you just keep it hidden inside with no action towards it?  Maybe it is time to lean in more towards your goals and dreams.

Why is now the time to lean in more towards your goals?

Change with everything starts when we do something.  When we learn to “lean into them”.  Meaning, we have this gut feeling of desire to do something/have more.  But we aren’t sure how to get there, will it work…. so we sit on it and doubt ourselves and our dreams.  Maybe if we just take a moment and trust ourselves and lean in a tad bit towards it, we can actually get to where we want.  Think of it as dipping your toes in the pool before jumping in.  You are ready to test the waters but not go all in.  Those toes in are your first step.  Doing that can lead to more educated decisions, its to cold I won’t go in. Or maybe a leap of faith, if I go all in I will only be cold for a second but that is followed by tons of fun in the water.  What dream/goal do you have that you should say… Its time to dip my toes in the water.  Its time to lean in more towards my goals?

How do I know my purpose?

Have you ever heard people say stuff like… Have you ever considered ….  Or can you tell me more about…?  These questions arise because you must be knowledgable or talented enough that others see it in you.  Have you thought of leaning into the possibilities to take it further?  What stopping you from at least dipping your toes in to see where it can go?

Why don’t we just start?  What about setbacks?

Often times we don’t know the entire path to reach our goal/dream.  So we don’t even take the first step.  But… if we trusted enough to say if I do this, the answers to What’s next? will come.  As we keep doing one little thing at a time, we can actually build momentum that moves us closer to where we want to be.

Maybe times we are afraid of fears or the obstacles we run into.  These stop us from moving forward.  What if these obstacles are like turns in the road.  Simply instead of going left, you had to go right.  The reason isn’t what you wanted, but the outcome might be far grander.  We often start something because of an idea we have, but the real hidden meaning might be inside us.  What if those obstacles are a way of saying, this is even better for you then what you planned.  This will help you continue to fulfill your purpose.  I know so many friends who started a small business that as it grew took twists and turns that were never expected and greatness came along with it.  Their success even though never planned or anticipated were right where they needed to be to fulfill their dream.

Ready to lean in more towards your goals, don’t forget this…

If you are ready to lean into your goals more, here is a tip.  Give it time.  Everything we want takes work and consistency and patience.  Without it, we just give up on ourselves and our dreams.  Understand the unplanned roadblocks are meant to be there.  Accept them and learn from them and trust where they are taking you or why you are mean to go that route.  Take risks and keep stepping outside your comfort zone.  After you dip your toes in the water, don’t be afraid to take a leap and jump!  No matter how many times I have been in a pool on a very hot day, I always dip my toes in before jumping it to ease the fears of is it to cold.  It’s a habit I continue to do even though I know jumping in is going to be ok and I’ll have fun.  Your journey will ask you to dip your toes in over and over.  Each time know that the outcome is worth the risk to just jump in.

Here is an example I love to think about that is of a few people who leaned into their dreams.

Are you old enough to remember this story?  Do you remember the “Eddie the Eagle”?  Michael Edwards was a British skier.  He would never be “good enough” to make the British ski team for the Olympics.   Well, if you dream big enough, there is always a way.  He decided to try ski jumping, a sport British was not recognized for or even had a team for at the time.  But since he was the only one who “applied” for the spot in the 1988 Olympics to represent Britain, he earned a spot on the Olympic team.

He was not very “fit” as a long jumper should be.  Eddie had no financial backers to support his journey.  ‘The Eagle’ was never trained in the ski jumping sport before just saying, I want to do this.  Oh,… and he wore really thick glasses under his googles causing extra fogging in the goggles.  Can you imagine flying through the air and not being able to “see” things clearly.

Eddie had a dream to be in the Olympics.  He faced many challenges in his journey to get there.  His ideal path (as a skier) couldn’t be met, but yet he found a way to lean in, take risks, challenge himself.  He trained, he figured out funding, he practiced.  I am sure he fell MANY times in training, but he never gave up.  He finally made an appearance that had the world talking in 1988.   Do you think he also inspired others to take risks and go for their dreams after his year flying with the British Olympic team?

In Summary…

“At the closing ceremony, the president of the Organizing Committee, Frank King, singled out Edwards for his contribution. King said looking at the competitors: “You have broken world records and you have established personal bests. Some of you have even soared like an eagle.” (Referenced from Wikipedia)”

Maybe it is YOUR time to lean in more towards your goals and SOAR like an eagle.  Time to let fears and doubts behind.  To take a chance to live your purpose, find your passion and pursue it.  Life is meant for living it to the fullest.  We were all given “gifts” – it is our job to use them and share them.

Your Weekly Create An Amazing Life Challenge

Today, look at all areas of your life:  Financial, relationships, career, hobbies, contributions, your health/fitness, your education, your spiritual journey, … where is it time you start to lean in more towards your goals??  Remember, it could be something BIG or even a small goal is worth pursuing.  Success is different in everyone’s eyes.  The only person you need to make happy is YOURSELF!

I would love to help get you started.  Grab my free Level 10 Goal Worksheet and my tips to follow up and actually put achieving your goals in action.  I know this year is almost over, but there is never a better day then today to chase your dreams.

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I can’t wait to hear something that you decided to lean in on a little more.  Please stop by my Facebook page or leave a comment and let me know.

My goal is to share easy tips you can implement now to get you to where you want to be.  I believe we are always on the search for a Mind, Body, Soul balance and I hope I help you find your peace.  Now, go out and Create YOUR Amazing Life!

Heather Buchman

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