You probably already know I run the July #ZenArtChallenge over on my Instagram Account, @MindfulCreativity.  Did you know, that challenge has officially been running over a year now.  We have close to 7000 members in our Facebook community who take part in the monthly challenge!!!  If you don’t know what the #ZenArtChallenge is or all the huge benefits you can get from it… read this older post from when we started and hear what people are saying about it… Benefits of the #ZenArtChallenge.

Why I Created This Challenge

I am honored to spread the love of art and simply showing others that you do have a creative side.  Also, if you read my last post, dealing with bouts of depression, I am SO learning the importance of self care.  Taking a few minutes of the day to read, be creative, watch a movie…. is something I need to help me feel better inside.

I love this challenge as it brings my love of art, inspiring others and my journaling all together.  So no matter where you are in your creative skills or where you will try drawing your tangles…. you are WELCOME with us!  And, since we have a huge group participating you can be inspired along the way.

Psst… If you participated in the past challenges, I would LOVE to hear what it has done for you.  Will you please be kind and share in the comments.  You might inspire someone else to join us too.

July #ZenArtChallenge Daily Tangles

So… Ready for the July #ZenArtChallenge 2017 Daily Tangles ….

Here’s how it will work.

Each month, I’ll post a new challenge graphic here on the blog, over on Instagram, and within our private Facebook Group.  The graphic above shows the names of the daily tangle patterns.  You can find the step outs (how to draw each of these patterns) on my Pinterest Page.  But, best way to get challenge tangle patterns and tips to help you get started is through my ebook so you can take them with you wherever you go.  The book is only $5.50 US and truly money goes to helping me keep this challenge running every month.  I share tips how you can add them to a binder and have a yearly book of tangles right at your finger tips too!  Trust me, you will thank me having them all at your finger tips when you try and expand your Zentangle drawings. Finally, you can sign up for the July #ZenArtChallenge here and I can email you the daily tangle step outs and access to our group.  Plus, you will get a few bonus tips from me to keep you inspired.


  • Follow me (@MindfulCreativity) to be sure you don’t miss the monthly tangles.
  • Share the challenge graphic on your own feed or social media pages to spread the word.
  • Join in by posting a photo of your daily prompt answers using the hashtag #ZenArtChallenge.
  • Search the hashtag (#ZenArtChallenge) and engage with others by liking, commenting, and asking questions.


  • Join the Mindful Creativity With Tangles Group.
  • Check out the pinned post to help get you started.
  • Post your photo of your daily tangles drawing in the group and/or on Instagram (hashtag them #ZenArtChallenge).
  • Engage with others by liking, commenting, and asking questions.   Be a kind, loving community member.
  • All daily tangles are completely open to interpretation and we want you to share find your creative side.  Use the step outs as a guide to get you started — Remember… There is no “right” or “wrong” way to tangle. Also, don’t worry if you miss days… just join in the fun when you can. 🙂  The #ZenArtChallenge is supposed to help eliminate stress, not cause it.


Monthly Challenge Summary

Each month I specially take time to pick out tangles I believe you will find inspiring.  I choose some easy and some hard patterns.  The challenge is meant to challenge you too.  Also, I might throw a couple in that aren’t exactly a “Zentangle by definition”, but they are fun.

  • Join the group on Pinterest with all the tangle patterns.
  • Watch for the daily tangles within my blog and emails.
  • I interact and engage with everyone on Instagram/Facebook and maintain a “safe and spam free community.
  • Check for various tips and support through the month.
  • Be inspire to bring out your inner creative side.
  • Reminder… I don’t get “paid” to run this challenge.  The only money I earn is if you buy my #ZenArtChallenge Monthly eBook.  I promise the cost is almost nothing for how much time I put into this each month for you guys.  So… if you love this challenge and want to see it continue, please consider buying my book for $5.50.


I’m absolutely thrilled to see how how your art and creative skills grow. I can’t wait to see everything that you share, and I’ll absolutely be tangling along.

Leave me a comment with any questions. I want to hear from you and know how else I can help you today.  Of course, if this might help someone else… please hit share and pass it on.  <3

Until later, have a fabulous day!
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