I have to admit, when someone came to me sharing Nerium‘s anti-aging skincare, I was incredible skeptical!  I am not a huge person to “take care of myself.”  Meaning when it came to skincare, that usually meant washing my face in the shower.  Make-up, even to this day is more of a special occasion then an everyday occurance.  Plus, I was in my 30’s and NO one in their 30’s has wrinkles and needs a wrinkle cream!  That was my thoughts, and yes I said no to trying it for awhile.

Then I did my research, and what sparked my attention was that it worked on discoloration.  See, I am an admitted SUN WORSHIPPER!  Yup, baby oil to tan in my youth, I owned a Jeep Wrangler and drove more often then not with the sun down (frying my skin), and I now own a sailboat.  If I can be out in the sun, I want to be.  A tan is my admitted addiction.  But… with time, that beautiful tan also caused horrible dark spots on my face (arms, legs too).  See I always had freckles, but in my 30’s I was really self conscious of how big, dark my spots have become due to being in the sun.  I was always buying “dark spot correctors” in the department stores.  I started off at the cheapest product and kept buying more expensive brand hoping one would work for me.  Sadly none did, so I resorted to concealers and foundations more then I ever wanted to do (not a make up girl remember.)  So, being approached by someone to try Nerium, yup, I was skeptical.  I tried it all before, had the drawers of products in my bathroom with all the false promises.  But… I tried it… and here are my results.

After 5 days I realized I DID HAVE WRINKLES on my forehead!  Say WHAT!  I was thankful they were gone!  These are using Nerium’s Night Cream only.


Slowly over time my dark spots disappeared!  I can’t believe how much difference a year made!  (Yes, results came quicker, but I am showing 1 year difference because I am happy with them! And again, these are only using the Nerium Night Cream.)


Just for fun, I decided to take 2 photos off my Facebook page and put them side by side. I was BLOW away at the difference!  Both have no make-up on and both are just random photos.  The one on the left, I was actually at my healthiest (eating right, working out, super fit, running marathons.) but my skin looked aged with dark age spots and I always had a red red nose…  On the right was 4 years later (I was using Nerium for a year and a half between the 2 photos).  My skintone has evened out, those dark spots are fading.  I know my freckles will never go away, and I am proud of them so that is ok!  My nose is no longer constantly red.  I look younger and healthier 4 years later!  WOW, yes…. I feel in love with my Nerium after seeing this!


In 2016 I had my 10 year wedding anniversary!  Just for fun… I did another before/after comparison of random photos.  I still can’t believe my results!  I am so thankful for Nerium and how it keeps me looking as young as I feel!  BEAUTIFUL AND CONFIDENCE!


I am forever grateful for trying Nerium!  It has definitely improved my confidence!  If you want to try it, I encourage you to reach out to me!  Or stop by my store here and get your order in now!  Don’t wait, I promise you will love your results too!


Create An Amazing Life of YOUR DREAMS!

~ Heather Buchman


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