Do you have a love/hate relationship with trees? I know that normally, I am never bothered by the typical allergy issues. But, this year… not sure why… the pollen is KILLING my head. My sinuses are mad at me and letting me know. I even woke up in the middle of the night searching my house for “something” to give me relief. You know, the typical over the counter “drugs” because I was desperate (but we had none). I really am trying to find more natural alternatives to over the counter or prescription mediations and want to share something that I was referred to as a natural solution to allergy relief and want to pass on to you. It might help you, so sharing is caring.

As I mentioned, my sinuses are so clogged up I can barely breathe. My friend called and said I sounded awful, well I guess that sums up also how I feel. I truly hate mediations and never really take anything. I am always on my death bed before hitting the doctor’s office. So, I tend to sit around in misery hoping it will pass. I had tons of friends recommend the Neti Pot to me. I was stubborn, I mean for the last 2 years, they recommended it and I never listened.

Well, I guess when you feel awful enough you listen to opinions. Since it really is just a rinse to the sinuses and not a medication, I finally bought a Neti Pot Kit to give it a try. (see here what I tried).

Here is my thoughts/review for it if you have been considering it.

Neti Pot Fears & Initial Thoughts

First, the thought of pouring saline (salt water) up my nose reminded me of swimming in the ocean and getting a nose full of water.  YUK!  So uncomfortable and kinda scary if not expecting it.  I thought I would feel like I was drowning and that it would burn as it is salt water right?

My next thought was so many people said, what comes out is nasty.  What!  I mean, what?  I was turned off by that thought.  Yuk again!

These are what stopped me from trying it.  Crazy right.  And also purely the thought of, how could that help?  So last year I wasn’t even open to alternative help and this year… as I am trying to live more “clean” and “chemical free”, I was open to it.

How the Neti Pot Works

It’s pretty easy to use, and really only takes less then 15 minutes.  The kit I used, has a mini tea pot looking thing in it and packets of solution.  You simply wash it with distilled water per the instructions.  Then fill the little pot with 8 oz of water and a packet of the solution.  Shake it up to blend in the solution.

Over the sink you simply pour the water into one nostril and let it flow out and out through the other nostril.  Then you switch nostrils and repeat.  You gently blow your nose and boom, out comes all this yuk (nothing more then what is in a tissue as you blow your nose all day.)  I repeat this procedure a few times until the water in my pot is gone.

Yes, it is amazing how much junk comes out of your nose with each time you blow your nose after a rinse.  But, then you realize why you are in so much pain in the sinuses right.  All that stuff is clogging up and filling up your head!!!!

How did the Neti Pot feel compared to my fears?

So, did any of my fears hold up??  No!  For a brief second I felt like it was the ocean flowing up my nose with that salt water sting.  But, it truly was gone in a second as I poured the water in.  You keep your mouth open to breath, so the water truly just flows in/out so quickly it is not like drowning feeling.  If I was underwater, I couldn’t breath through my mouth too.

The time to clear out a nostril is quick.  When you are “over the feeling”, you simply stop and do the next nostril.  Overall the temporary feeling was just that, a quick feeling of water in and out.

The crap that comes out is eye opening, but honestly no different then blowing my running nose with a cold.  It just all comes out in a quick sitting, not all day.

My Natural Solution to Allergy Relief – Neti Pot Results

Afterwards I was like hallelujah!  I could breathe for the first time in days.  That alone was worth it.  It relieved some of that pressure in my sinuses, so I was happy with the results!!!

Did my breathing last?  Not super long until my sinuses were filled up again and I couldn’t breathe.  But, each time I blow my nose after the rinse, the results are clearer sinuses then before using the Neti Pot.  So that is a win.  Before, the rinse, I never head a clear nose just that constant blocked feeling (thus a headache…).   I know the directions recommends using the Neti Pot before bed to help sleep, so I will definitely be trying that tonight too.  Directions say you can rinse 1-2x a day.

I know it is my first use, but overall I am happy with the results.  My sinuses might not be 100% free, but definitely a huge improvement from the pressure I had the last 2 days (or longer).  I truly believe if I do this rinse a few more times it will clear the pollen that is collecting in my sinus cavity and will flush itself out and relief will come.

I must admit, I was stubborn to listen to the advice to give the Neti Pot a try.  But that Neti Pot will be a staple in my allergy relief catalog.  Skipping the over the counter drugs that dry out my sinuses for a more natural alternative makes me feel good knowing I am taking care of my body!!!

My only caution…. Apparently do not google natural home remedies for doing the Neti-Pot.  There are dangers to that.  Just make the investment, I think less then $15 and order yourself a Neti-Pot.  My kit comes with 50 saline solution (whatever it really is) packages which is enough rinses to get me through this allergy season.  Check out and order your Neti Pot today on Amazon here.  Stay healthy and safe!

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