lady readingI would love to invite you to join my newsletter.  I believe we are always on that search to find BALANCE in our life!  My newsletter will provide tips, tricks and motivation to help you:

  • Building your business
  • Helping you live healthy through fitness and meal planning
  • I want to help you create a little relaxation in your life and hopefully inspire you to try various forms of art.
  • To get this all done, I will share some time management tips and tricks that help me “manage it all” together in my busy life.



Some of the items to watch for are:

  • How to bust through excuses that are holding you back.
  • Simple and delicious recipes for a tight budget and fitness tips, motivation to keep you inspired to make sure you see results.
  • Tips to growing a successful business through various social media platforms, but also through meeting and networking people in the real world.
  • Basically, I am a real person here to help you support you through your journey. 

Plus, when you subscribe to my newsletter as an added FREE Bonus you will receive my tips to goal setting that will get you taking action to ACHIEVING what you want in all areas of your life. I will start off by sending you a free printable “Level 10” Goal Planning Sheet to help get you started.

I started and struggled to learn how to grow a successful business by myself.  I took tons of classes, failed miserable at stuff.  So let me shorten your learning curve and help get you started to see success faster.  But, I don’t want you only to focus on business, because then you will start stressing out when you don’t take care of your health, spend time with your family.  My plan to is to help you BALANCE it all so you live a stress free successful life!

Sign up here to get my Goal Planning Tips to help get you started immediately!  Because… You gotta know what you want and where you want to go, before you take that first step!


Have a fabulous and successful day.
Let’s Create An Amazing Life of YOUR DREAMS

~ Heather Buchman

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