Since it is a new month, I took time in my bullet journal planner to write out my goals.  I try and find a balance of a few business and personal to keep that mind, body, soulful balance in my life.  But, that lead me to think of how much do I follow through on what I want?  Am I willing to pay the price to obtain my goal?

How important is your goal?

Meaning… How many times have I written in my journal… Hit the gym/eat better and lose weight.  Yet… I still haven’t gone back to the gym. I keep procrastinating and pushing it off.  Is it that the goal really isn’t that important to me or am I just not willing to pay the price needed to reach it?

What is the price I need to pay to obtain my goal?

See, every goal has a price.  Something we have to “give up” to help us reach our desire.  For my example, losing weight.  My price .. is finding the TIME to go to the gym.  Finding the TIME to meal plan, go grocery shopping and cooking.  TIME is my price.  I know I have time in my day where I goof off or simply just watch tv, so obviously in this goal I am unwilling to pay the price of giving up the time to watch tv to use that time to hit the gym?  Am I willing to find or better yet MAKE the time to get my desire outcome, losing the extra pounds?

What other goals do I have and am I willing to pay the price to obtain my goal?  Think about this.  If you have an income goal where you want to get a raise at work or grow a thriving business, are you willing to pay the price?  At first, you have to probably commit much more time into a new business then you make.  It might be a struggle to stay the course of say a year to really start seeing the benefits of the business pay off.  Through that year you have so many obstacles to overcome, you feel like you are working harder then you are earning represents.  The desire to quit shows up often.

If you have a job, the price might be to go above and beyond at the office, again put more time in then you get paid for.  Do MORE then what your boss expects you to do, turn in projects early, stay late more often to get stuff done.  There is always a “price” for the rewards right?

Am I willing to PAY the price to obtain my goal?

So often we have these goals that we set for ourselves and we work on them, but more like a hobby.  We do them when we want to instead of paying the price needed to really achieve them.  Do you think an Olympic athlete didn’t want to “stay home from”  or “skip” training a lot throughout his career leading up to the Olympics?  I bet there were many days they were tired and sore and just “over it”.

The difference was, their desire to BE in the Olympics was so great they knew the price was probably hours a day of training. That may have meant traveling to a training location, hiring a coach, time away from family, the costs to get the equipment/training… their price was high for their big goals.  They also knew that to really compete for the gold medal, they had to out-train their competitors.  That meant no sick days or time off because they just didn’t feel like it.  That meant not leaving the ice rink until they did a perfect jump 15 times in a row.  They PAID the price to get to where they wanted and to compete for that medal!

Am I willing to be there for the long haul?

Today, ask yourself… If you have a goal, something you are seriously wanting, are you willing to pay the price to achieve it?  Maybe its time from family, an investment, or even moving (I know plenty of friends who moved to Nashville to further their singing career.)  Are you willing to put the time in.  No one becomes good at anything without practicing.  A business takes time to grow.  Your body takes time to change as you eat better and go to the gym.  You can’t just give it a try and expect results, your price is to be there for the long haul.  You need to start possibly slow and just build momentum.  One day you will get to that point where you can honestly be proud of the work and efforts and sacrifices you put into your goal.

Your Create An Amazing Life Challenge to help you obtain your goals:

This month, as you write out your goals… take time to note… WHAT is the price I need to pay to achieve this?  Am I willing to pay it?  Then, go back to your planner and make a conscious effort to get it done.  Schedule the time, set the resources aside.  Stop spending money of stuff you don’t really “need” to get yourself out of debt.  Stop putting things on your planner that move you towards your goal and then not doing them.  Have you done a no spend month to help you get out of debt but then broke it by buying say a new pen when you have 50 already?

My challenge to you this week/month… Review your goals and the price you need to pay.  Then honestly throughout the day, week or month pay attention to the times you don’t commit to them.  Hoe often do you carry over or not do the tasks that you know lead you to your goal?  Ask yourself, Why am I not willing to pay the price to obtain my goal?  Does that mean your goal or your schedule needs to change?  Does that mean you need to change?  Where can you be in a month, 6 months or even a year if you start today and commit to you!  Say, I AM WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE because what I want is SO IMPORTANT TO ME!

I would love to hear from you.  What is the price you need to start paying to obtain your goal?  Swing by my IG page and leave me a comment on this post so I can hear your thoughts.  (Don’t forget to give me a Follow while here).  PS… grab more goal setting and ACHIEVING tips with my free Goal Action Plan, its available right now right here.

My goal is to share easy tips you can implement now to get you to where you want to be.  I believe we are always on the search for a Mind, Body, Soulful balance and I hope I help you find your peace.  Now, go out and Create YOUR Amazing Life!

Heather Buchman

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