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When I find products that have made a difference in my health and fitness, I simply have to share.  These are all products we use in our family, and I am passing “my Seal of Approval” on to you when I recommend things.

~ Heather Buchman

Kick Start Your Workout with Real Results

I have been on a mission to lose a few pounds as my stepson’s wedding is quickly approaching and I know I want to look great in all the wedding photos. Therefore, I have started to workout and eat better, slowly making healthy changes.  But, I wanted to share with you a secret I have and have to pass it forward. See, I found this AMAZING body lotion I put on after my shower (and at night if I don’t forget), and it helps tone and tighten loose skin plus it reduces the appearance of cellulite.  Yeah, I was like…

Willa’s Nerium Real Results Photos

This is Willa and this is what she has to say about her Real Results from Nerium!! “Hey ladies and even gentlemen! This product called “Nerium” has been a blessing for me! I’ve been using the products for only 3 months. I think the before and after photos speak volumes. I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first but then I decided to have patience and kept using the product exactly as directed and now I’ve become a believer of Nerium!! I also really like that it’s all natural. So please give the products a try! What have…

My Nerium EYE Serum Real Results

I always felt like I had dark circles under my eyes.  Ugg, do you know that feeling of being tired looking all the time. I also suffer from seasonal allergies.  That makes my eyes even more tired and puffy looking. I decided to do an experiment one day.  I put the Nerium Eye Serum on one eye, then decided to run out and do a few errands.  I was curious what an anti-aging product could do for my allergy eyes.  After about an hour I took a photo.  Can you tell which eye has the eye serum on and which doesn’t? All…

My Nerium Before-After Real Results

I have to admit, when someone came to me sharing Nerium‘s anti-aging skincare, I was incredible skeptical!  I am not a huge person to “take care of myself.”  Meaning when it came to skincare, that usually meant washing my face in the shower.  Make-up, even to this day is more of a special occasion then an everyday occurance.  Plus, I was in my 30’s and NO one in their 30’s has wrinkles and needs a wrinkle cream!  That was my thoughts, and yes I said no to trying it for awhile. Then I did my research, and what sparked my…

Look great at your holiday party

As the holiday parties are approaching, are you looking in the mirror and seeing a few more lines and wrinkles this year. Getting out the make-up to cover them up? I found an anti-aging night cream skincare treatment that is getting simply amazing results and really quickly for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. (Among the many other skin conditions it is helping.) From now until Sunday, I am going to give away a 5 day sample pack of my secret weapon to looking younger and glowing. How can you get it? Simply stop by my Facebook page and…

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