We all want to live a HAPPY life right. A life of abundance, growth and hoping one that includes giving. We each have a unique mission we were put on this earth for and we need to go out and chase it, live it and FULFILL it. There is a saying by leading high performance experts that says… If we aren’t growing, we are dying. There is no standing still in life. Today, I want to chat about stepping outside of our comfort zone. Let’s step away from “easy” to start creating an amazing life of our dreams. Let’s learn to quiet that comfort mindset and take our life to the next level.

Steps To Silencing Our Comfort Zone Mindset


  • Start by asking yourself – What is something you really want but your comfort zone stops you from reaching it?  I would love to hear some of what your mind does say to you constantly to keep you comfortable. Share here in the comments, so we can start to silence that voice.  Oh, this makes a great topic for your journal.  😉


  • We all have a MISSION (goal) we want to accomplish in our life. That mission shouldn’t be crushed because of the voices that want to keep us safe. It is time to silence our comfort zone and just simply stop worrying about what it is saying we can or cannot do.
  • Instead, lets focus on what we CAN do and what we WILL do to accomplish our goals. The more we keep saying to ourselves through positive affirmation and by taking ACTION the more we shut the comfort zone “safe and easy” voice up.


    • You were meant for more. Time to go live it.


  • What are a few statements your mind says you can’t do (from above)?  What CAN you replace those negative thoughts with in a positive affirming statement to say to yourself to drown out the negative voices? Write them out, say them outlaid!  Start crushing them.


  • Don’t be silenced by your fears of the unknown. Tell the world about your dreams and goals. Share your mission with friends and family. Often times we keep things a secret because “what if we fail” allows us to be comfortable because we don’t want to look like a fool. Or maybe we only share the ups and the good parts of our journey. But, when we tell more people what we are doing. We also need to learn to share our ups and downs. Therefor we can’t afford to be afraid to talk about our stresses and our struggles.  Just learn that we need to share these parts of our journey as much as we talk about our wins. But doing so, we start to attract people into our lives that will support us, guide us, listen to us…. And you never know, you might just find a mentor who can help you take your dreams/goals to the next level.


  • Oh… and maybe not everyone will understand your journey… it’s ok! I promise you keep sharing and you will find plenty of people who will support you know matter what!


What Can I Do Right Now To Silence My Comfort Zone



  • Now, ask yourself… What is your future telling you today to do to help get you where you want to be? If you were to give yourself advice  to start doing or to stop doing something, what would it be? Tell yourself what steps you need to fearlessly take now to help you be where you want to be in 5 years?


  • Once you start giving yourself advice (oh, write it down so you remember it), next step… START LISTENING TO IT NOW!


  • You are smarter, more successful then you think! And you CAN do this! Your mind already knows how, so listen to what it tells you!


  • Clearly written out goals and a PLAN to follow through on them is a sure way to silence that comfort zone mindset. Do you write out your goals and act on them daily???


  • We want to share our Goal Action Plan with you. Free tips and tricks to help you accomplish more in your life and keep moving you to the next level of your success!



  • It is time to GET COMMITTED to what you want! This guide will help you stay focused!


Final Thought to Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone


So you want to walk the path to create your amazing life… here is a huge tip… don’t go alone. We need to surround ourselves with people on a mission for more. To be healthier, to grow a business, to be out of debt… Whatever your goal is… there are people on a similar journey. Go seek out a tribe of people on that journey and join them. Because together we are always stronger! When you find a few people you like and trust, you can always PUSH each other towards the next step. To not accept staying where you are.

Where can you find your tribe?

Facebook groups, networking groups, meet up groups, classes…. awh, the possibilities!

I know fear of the unknown, failure … is SCARY!  But, I promise everything you want is waiting for you.  Just take a step forward and it’s ok.  Your heart my be racing, your mind might play tricks on you to bring you back.  Stay focused on your goal and keep talking positively to yourself and you will get there!

Share your tips to silencing that fear that lies in your comfort zone mind in the comments.  Because together we are stronger.  And swing by my Facebook page for more great tips, inspiration from others on the same journey as you —- Heather Buchman.

Until later, have a fabulous day!
Create YOUR Amazing Life

Heather Buchman

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