This year has been a tough year for me, especially in the last month.  Both our cars were hit in a late night incident back in February.   I very long, stressful, costly journey. Then just after finally that came to close, our dog (Romeo) passed away.  He was my baby, and the loss of him was very hard on me.  I was starting to see so much of the negative in life, that the I needed to find Me Time and figure out my life and what makes ME happy.

Why I Need to Find Me Time

What I learned in the last month, is you need to simply take time for you.  Self care aka… ME TIME… is so important to our well being.  I know we have family, health, business activities to focus on and our daily to do list is super long and never ending.  When you have “problems” that arise in life, we tend to try and overcome them and move on as quickly as possible.  But sometimes, I believe, they linger inside of us longer then we wish.  Stress, lack of sleep, lack of focus… all start to build up.  We need a mental or physical break to unwind and maybe just breathe.

Over the last month, I was so lost… I realized I needed to find me.  The importance of stepping back and reflecting on life, my goals, where I am currently and where I wanted to be was constantly popping in my head.  I felt this need to really figure out my priorities so I could heal my mental blocks and just feel better inside.  See, “life” has been starting to consume me… and I forgot what was important to me.

Ways I find Me Time

In this process I dug deep into self care.  Friends were my favorite part of my day,I simply picked up the phone and called them or tried to go out and meet new friends for coffee.  I dove into new books simply for pleasure (not to seek personal growth).  My spiritual growth journey grew through my bible journalling.  I just took “time off” from some of the less important daily grind activities.  My website updates could wait.  I was less present on Facebook to be more present in life.  I was searching for that mind, body, soul balance.  Trying to figure out what was right and what I wanted to work on.

But, this past month made me realize.  I need to take more “me time”.  Reading a book for pure pleasure.  Taking a road trip to enjoy the scenery and not care about the destination.  Spending time with family/friends.  Giving myself a spa day.  Me time is so important for our mental health and well being, that I need to “schedule” it in my planner.  Could be a 20 minute break to do my nails this week or a whole day/weekend off to be with family.  We all need time to get away from the grind, to clear our mind and refocus on our priorities.  But, if we don’t FOCUS on time for ourselves, we often don’t give ourself the time we need to just BE.  Do you schedule Me Time in your day?  What are your favorite ways to just unwind?

Your Weekly Challenge, to Schedule ME Time in your day/week

Today, I wanted to share a few things that you can easily do to add more Me Time into your day/week.  My challenge to you, give yourself a break from the busy chaos of life just to breathe a moment. You know when you are on an airplane, and they do the emergency announcements, they always say you should put your air mask on first.  That is so you CAN be there to help others.  Consider your Me Time, your time to stop just for a moment to unwind, relax, refresh…. so you can be there for your kids, the job, your spouse… when they need you.

25 Ways to Incorporate Me Time into your life to just feel better in your day/week.

  1. Create a Gratitude Journal and go back and read it when you are feeling low.
  2. Create a Victory Log, a daily success no matter how big or small it might be.  Then read it often when you are feeling down about your life.
  3. Get your nails done.
  4. Treat your eyes to an at home cooling 20 minute hydrogel treatment to get rid of tired puffiness while reading a good book.  Make it a mini spa day at home.
  5. Lay in the grass (or relax on your patio) and just watch the clouds.  What can you see in them?
  6. Be goofy… Maybe that means turn up the music and dance or today just get on the floor and play with your dog.  Just have a little fun time.
  7. Try a little yoga or maybe just mediate for a few moments.
  8. Give Zentangle a try.  It is a mediative art form that can be really relaxing, even if you have no “art skills”.  It’s easier then you think, check out the #ZenArtChallenge here.
  9. Go for a walk/run.
  10. Take a stretch break.  Maybe hit the hallway in your office after lunch and stretch for a few minutes before going back to your desk for the afternoon.
  11. Enjoy a piece of chocolate.  Every diet can have a break in moderation, so enjoy it.
  12. Try some essential oils in a diffuser and just relax.
  13. Watch a funny movie and laugh out loud.
  14. Go to that park, museum, aquarium, zoo, … that you have been “thinking about” going to, just never found time to do.
  15. Create a  mini scavenger hunt.  Create a list of 5 things that you can find outside w/ a little effort, then go seek them.
  16. Volunteer.  Helping others always makes us feel better.
  17. Book a road trip for the weekend.  Just go with the flow and see where you end up.
  18. Go shopping, even if you to simply get yourself a small treat or window shop the latest fashion trends.
  19. Invest in a good skincare or make up to spoil yourself, you will feel better daily when you use it.
  20. Have a snowball battle or build a snowman in winter.  Lay by the pool in summer.  Go through a corn maze in fall.  Stop and smell the blooming flowers in spring.  Find something seasonal that is worth taking a moment to enjoy.
  21. Learn something new.  Maybe pick up a book on Buddhism, learn a new hobby you where thinking of trying… just try it and have fun with it.
  22. Check out funny animal videos on YouTube.
  23. Go have a Karaoke night.  Don’t worry about how well you sing or what others think, just have fun.
  24. Make your favorite comfort food.  A grilled cheese and tomato soup is perfect for fall.
  25. Go wine tasting.  Find a local winery, spend an afternoon there and take in the scenery as you try some new wines.


In Summary….

What are things you can fit into your “Me Time” schedule.  Think Mind (reading, meditation, gratitudes), Body (pilates, walks, foods, spa days) and Soulful (Bible journalling, Art, ZenArtChallenge, Volunteer) activities that can help you balance your life.  What area of your life is calling for more focus?  What areas do you possibly need a break from?  Take time to soul search and just enjoy a little time for you.  Don’t forget… sometimes we don’t do these things unless we plan it.  Go now and put in time on your planner for YOU right now simply because … YOU ARE WORTH IT.

I would love to hear from you.  What are your favorite ways of taking care of you?  How does your Me Time make you feel after you “complete it” compared to before you “started it”?  Swing by my IG page and leave me a comment on this post so I can hear your thoughts.  (Don’t forget to give me a Follow while here).

My goal is to share easy tips you can implement now to get you to where you want to be.  I believe we are always on the search for a Mind, Body, Soul balance and I hope I help you find your peace.  Now, go out and Create YOUR Amazing Life!

Heather Buchman

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