Have you ever heard the phrase “test not guess”?  I heard it from a functional nutritionist who says we should TEST our bodies to know exactly what foods work for or against us.  I honestly always wanted to do it to help me finally get rid of belly fat, but the costs was turning me off.  For SO LONG I have been slowly gaining weight or struggling to lose a single pound!  It was frustrating to see my belly as fat/bloated as ever. Plus, my mood swings were bad, and nothing I did was working to change the situation.

That is until I heard about the Metabolism Plan!  A way to actually test what foods and workout would work for/against my body and cause me to hold on to weight. This plan is my way to finally get rid of belly fat, drop some weight and overcome depression.  The plan teaches out to heal our thyroid, which can cause hormone issues can that lead to fatigue, depression and so much other stuff!  I was super excited to dive in after I read more about the Metabolism Plan.

First, I Tried It ALL!

Yes, I truly believe I tried it all.  If you follow my blog or me on Facebook, you know I work hard and I take me seriously, but I also was internally struggling.  Let’s back up… let me share some of the things I tried and let me know in the comments if any of these sound familiar…..

  1. I tried a 21 day “Reset” where I eliminated foods and slowly introduce them back into my diet (or that was supposed to be the plan).  It was GREAT for the 21 days, I do believe it helped with bloat and got rid of belly fat area I wanted to lose.  But, what I realized… there was really no plan to introduce foods back in or to tell me how to know if the foods were good for me our not.  I had to go by “how I was feeling” to make that determination.  That eating plan lasted about another month and then I was basically right back where I started and everything I lost… crept back on me.
  2. I tried specific diets:  Paleo, Keto, Low Carbs.…  I think Paleo was always the best for me, but honestly I never really lost more then a few pounds and often felt “fluffy”.  Granted, if I take out bad carbs/sugars on any plan, I will lose weight at first.  But, long term… I was always right where I was when I started.  The KETO kick, I really tried to dive into that.  I researched it and determined it wasn’t for me for my reasons.  But, one thing I do know… It was HARD for the short time I did follow it!  So super restrictive on foods.  Like 20g of carbs a day, really!!!  My body loves carbs for energy!  After a few days I missed my carbs then went super crazy overboard (binging on stuff like cookies)!  End result… “diets” that eliminate food groups can really take hold of you mentally.  I was slowly cutting out:  processed foods, dairy/cheeses, carbs like bread/pastas, chocolate and all other sweets, even fruits seemed to get nixed from my diet as a “sugar”.  After awhile, you start wondering… What can I eat? Plus, cutting all of this out only to see nothing was making a difference was more depressing.  My belly was still bloated and I am still “fat” and not feeling well.
  3. I tried Whole 30.  I liked this plan, similar to Paleo… you eat real foods.  That should be the way of life right.  It didn’t seem quiet as restrictive as some diets, but at times more restrictive.  Just like the first reset I did, I felt great on the plan, dropped a few pounds.  But, once the my 30 days were over… I started to go back to old habits because nothing ultimately changed and it felt like to much work for no results.  I never knew what foods worked for me or not, I just had to pay attention to how I felt to try and eliminate foods that made me feel bad.
  4. I went to the gym for an hour+ a day 5 days a week.  I mean I worked out HARD!  I had trainers.  I was told lift weights for a good 30-45 minutes (sometimes longer based on the workout) followed by 30 minutes of slow burn cardio.  First, I was exhausted by later in the day.  But, I also was struggling to find the time to hit the gym that much.  AND…. my losing my body or belly fat was going so SLOWLY… my weight never moved an ounce (yes, I know muscle is better and inches lost is more important.) I just know my STOMACH never felt less bloated or smaller after all those workouts.  I just wanted to feel good in my cloths and to have them fit again and finally get rid of belly fat.  Months of being in the gym and pushing hard for what felt like little results, was frustrating.
  5. I’ll admit… I tried various diet pills and shakes.  Stuff my friends “swore by” that worked for them.  NOTHING!  Not a pound gone, no bloating gone, I wasn’t feeling better.  NOTHING.


How I was feeling.

That was my short list of “I tried it all”, but really I was just purely feeling awful.  I felt out of shape because I just felt “heavy” for me.  I was frustrated as everything I was “supposed to do” was not working.  I was hitting a deep depression (I talk about that here).  My hormones where out of whack in other areas of my life.  I always felt pregnant with so much belly fat/bloat.  I even went to the doctors and discuss plans for getting my hormones somewhat “normal” again through medications.   I mean when you are depressed… everything goes downhill.  Getting off the couch was a challenge, relationships took a beating (you tend to push people away without realizing it), work suffers.  I mean just awful!  I KNEW my issues were hormonal, I could just tell.  Am I premenopausal already?  Was that the reason I was tired, depressed, holding on to weight?  Was this my life moving forward?  Do I need more meds to combat all of them?  I was really feel lost and NOTHING like me and that just continued my cycle of depression.

What Changed?

I heard someone talk about their results with the Metabolism Plan.  It sparked my interest, so looked into it more.  The Metabolism Plan is a book written by Lyn-Genet Ricitas.

She is a nutritionist who has studied her patients and realized that our foods and our workouts can cause our body to stress (react) and that in turn causes inflammation.  When we continue to eat the wrong foods for us or do workouts not best for us… we continue to build up on that inflammation and thus causing more issues.  AND…. all of this ties to the thyroid and our hormones.  BUT… this is where this plan differs from MANY others I tried.  She lays out a 30 day plan where you TEST foods/workouts and determine if your body likes it (causes no inflammation), reacts mildly to it, or basically hates it (causes you inflammation).  A simple 5 minute test!  Seriously, I can try a food and test it in the morning to say yeah or nay!  A plan to live my life around without eliminating all foods or even enjoying a cheat day.   I don’t have to eliminate entire FOOD GROUPS like dairy… but maybe I will find out that only swiss cheese doesn’t work for me.  Then, if I do eat that cheat meal I know will “bother me”, I have an actual plan to heal my gut/body quickly.

In this book she easily walks you through a 30 day program where you try foods and test them in the morning to see how your body reacts to them.  She recommends you track your results in a log so you know what your body “likes” or “dislikes” so moving forward after the 30 days you can maybe retest the foods and workouts to confirm how much your body likes them.  Plus if you do cheat and have a list of good non-reactive foods you can eat so you can know how to “fix” your body quickly!!!  Same with workouts, why not customize a workout program your body loves and reacts positively too and not one that stresses it out.  I was mind-blown that there was a way to do this without paying hundreds/thousands of dollars.  I was excited to try it and scared/skeptical at the same time.

My Results

Today is day 7 for me.  Every single day since I started my scale has gone down!  Remember it NEVER went down an ounce before so this is huge!  Like 5.5 pounds in 7 days!  That is crazy!  But, I can SEE I am finalizing getting rid of belly fat /bloat I so desperately want.  I can see the difference.  I don’t look quiet as pregnant as I always felt I looked.  It’s a start, I know.  I still have a long way to go. Is it just eliminating junk (carbs, sugars…) that gave me a weight loss.  Maybe?  But honestly… that probably would have been a drop the first day or so then would have even off again.  Nope, I am following her plan and testing everything and the scale is moving positively.  Meaning, what I am eating/working out to is working for me (so far).  Following her “guidelines” I am noticing in my test that something in my day needs more attention too that is causing my body mild reactions.  I need to take time to figure out what it is (sleep, stress, a certain food — I am testing coffee as I think that might be my issue), but without following her plan, I would never have known I had a issue or I need to specifically test … say coffee.  This is huge!!!  A SOLUTION!  I am testing, not guessing what foods my body likes!!!!!

More importantly… I am FEELING better.  I have truly been focusing on self care a lot lately.  I do Zentangles/Art daily in the #ZenArtChallenge.  I take mini day trips.  I focusing on reading and bible journalling.  The truth… I feel like this plan is truly helping to reduce the inflammation (thus the pounds dropping and I am getting rid of my belly fat) and it is starting to heal my thyroid (which was just tested in July and I was told it is healthy.)   When you heal your thyroid and feed your body correctly to balance your pH through diets and supplements like Youth Factor… you WILL start to feel better!  I feel LIFE coming back to me.  Hard to explain, but even just writing this is a HUGE accomplishment!!!

I know this is super long post today … so I am ending this today.  I promise to share more tips and information and my success journey with you.  PLEASE check out this book – The Metabolism Plan, even if you are not ready to start the meal plan itself or do the testing (so easy, 5 minutes in the morning), there were some eye opening thoughts provided in the book!!!  You can join me and follow my journey (and others who just want to get healthy/fit again) in my private Facebook group.  I go into more details of my daily plan meals/workouts … the good and the bad.  Or, come back to my blog and check in.  I know I will be posting more for you!  I have tons of tips I have to share, and I will update you on the progress!!!!!   I just want you to start feeling better!!  Oh, come follow me on Facebook too, I will start posting more info there for you too.  Sorry… my page has been quiet lately, goes back to the depression, I just don’t want to get off the couch and do a dang thing.  🙁 But, I am GOING to change that.

PS… Read part 2, tips to help get you started on the Metabolism Plan here.

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Part 4, My 7 Kitchen Must Haves (that made the Metabolism Plan even easier to follow).

Leave me a comment with any questions. I want to hear from you and know how else I can help you today.  Of course, if this might help someone else… please hit share and pass it on.

Until later, have a fabulous day!
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