Time Management

I was a busy engineer running multiple projects at once, to now running a successful home based business. If I couldn’t keep track of my time, I would be so stressed out. I have been on a constant pursuit to live a life of balance (work, family, fitness….) and in my journey, it always comes back to being passionate about learning and focusing on managing my time. Join me here as I share tips and tricks that work for me that might just help you become more organized in life and thus live a little less stressed by trying to get it all done.

~ Heather Buchman


Time to Clean Up, Declutter My Life and COMPLETE “all things”

I love fall and the change of the seasons.  Here all the leaves are starting to change colors and slowly fall from the trees.  It is kind of a sad time as we move towards winter were everything is “dead” looking.  But, I like to think of it like this.  This is the season to change.  The trees drop their leaves and hibernate but come back in spring fully refreshed and ready to bring life into the world again.  This is the time to declutter my life so I can come back new and refreshed in the new year. Life…

How to get more done in less time

  Are you crazy busy like me?  I run an at home business, I am focusing on my health & fitness, I am always creating art with the #ZenArtChallenge or my Bible Journaling now.  I have a family.  Our kids are getting married next week. Our first grand baby arrived a little over a month ago.  The list can go on and on and on.  And yet, I look at all the stuff I have to do.  From simply doing laundry to and getting rid of stuff around the house to running my business.  I continually am looking for how…

Turn off the NOISE to reach your Goals

I have been thinking hard lately on this and realizing it’s time to clean up my “stuff” so I can really accomplish goals for 2017.  What “stuff” am I talking about, the NOISE I have going on all around me.  The distractions that pull me in every direction but where I want to go. Let me explain, what NOISE is keeping me from my goal …. Do you have a goal to save money, but then are in all these Facebook groups about your hobby and all you see is the next shiny object.  I’m in some planner groups and…

How to Achieve More Goals in 2017

Do you take time to look at your goals?  When you use the Level 10 worksheet do you write out stuff you want to achieve in all areas of your life?  But do you ask yourself how can I achieve my goals in 2017?  Or do you hope you will make them happen?  Final question, how did last year turn out for you? Why I failed at goal setting I know personally, when I stop and reflect on my life and my goals, I tend to set goals for all areas of my life.  My business, my health, my family, my income, decluttering…

Don’t Let Email Suck You Away From Your GOAL

Are you addicted to checking your emails?  Do you spend so much time reading, responding and hopefully deleting emails that you feel you never get “real work” accomplished?  Let’s face it, we need our emails to send out & receive information to clients, but it can quickly become a time sucker that keeps us unfocused throughout our day.  Here are a few tips to using email and still staying focused on your daily goals. 1.  Block Your Email Time on your planner.  Instead of reactively checking/responding to every email ding… Turn off the ding and start scheduling time to check…

8 Tips to STOP LIVING the Manic Mondays

Do you wake up on Monday feeling calm and ready to start your week?  Or do you start the week off in total chaos? I get it!  I use to be there, I wanted to wake up at the last possible moment to go to work.  Thus, I rushed my morning routine to get ready (that included the take my dog out and rush him to do his thing too).  But just think of how the rest of the day went when I started it like this.  It tended to follow that chaotic-ness I started first thing in the morning. It’s…

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