Time Management

I was a busy engineer running multiple projects at once, to now running a successful home based business. If I couldn’t keep track of my time, I would be so stressed out. I have been on a constant pursuit to live a life of balance (work, family, fitness….) and in my journey, it always comes back to being passionate about learning and focusing on managing my time. Join me here as I share tips and tricks that work for me that might just help you become more organized in life and thus live a little less stressed by trying to get it all done.

~ Heather Buchman


No Time to Workout

Most of my customers tell me their biggest fitness excuse is time to workout.  They workout all day, and then don’t have the time or energy to hit the gym or get a fitness program in. As a full time Civil Engineer, working long hours was one of my issues.  But, finding time to workout was something I learned to make a priority if I wanted to reach my goals.  I wanted to share a few of my tips. 1.  Always pull your workout cloths out the night before.  Lay them on the bed or put them in your gym…

Finding Balance

I’ve taken a little time off from here, why because I set some crazy goals for the year.  But, when I did that and because I find myself loving “my job”, I realized I had to find a balance and let some things slide. See, I think when you work for yourself or work at home, the calendar becomes important.  You have to find times to block things out and get them done.  But, sometimes hitting lunch with a friend is perfectly acceptable.  I just realized I was spending more and more time helping others, and slowly starting to lose…

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