I am now on day 13 of The Metabolism Plan.  You can read more about it and why I started here.  My scale continues to drop, except for reactive days or day’s my body is “off” for other reasons (stress, sleep, not enough water…).  But, today I am down just shy of 7# and best part yet… my belly fat is shrinking.  I am finally happy to see it not looking like a bloated balloon under my shirt!

So if you are following my journey either through my blog or in my health/fitness accountability group – (The Kick Starters- Ready for Change) where I go into much more detail, you might be considering trying the Metabolism Plan, so I wanted to share a few tips to help get you started.

Tips to Prepare for the Metabolism Plan.

  1. First you NEED a copy of the The Metabolism Plan book.  This is one time I recommend the paperback version over the Kindle one.  I read my book every single day to follow my daily menu and for daily tips.  It basically sits on my counter in my kitchen.
  2. Next, you obviously need to read the book.  Truly, don’t cheat and go right to the daily menu and start following it. Everyone of my friends who read it are finding it EYE OPENING!  I tossed out a lot of “myths” I learned over the years to healthy eating and working out.
  3. Time to cut back on your addictions.  While you are reading, you will probably want to start immediately.  I know I did.  The first 3 days are “cleanse days” to heal your gut.  Don’t worry, no just drinking a shake or anything you eat real food.  And personally, the “side affects” did not included running to the bathroom.  I did have a headache on day 2.  So that leads to my tip… if you have an addiction to anything, try and reduce it before you start.  Meaning if you drink endless cups of caffeine (coffee), try and cut back.  I actually used Dandy Blend to help me.  I would drink 1 real coffee then one Dandy Blend… until I really quit myself of coffee before starting The Plan on day 1.  Don’t worry, you only “can’t” have coffee 3 days, then you can have it again.  Also, sugars and carbs.  I think that was my headache.  So if you have a sweet tooth, do yourself a favor… start to cut back before you start if you can to avoid a sugar detox headache.  


So, it really is mentally preparing yourself for starting The Plan.  I truly believe these 3 steps will help you get that head ready too.  But, you also need to stock up on a few essentials to help get you ready for day 1.

The Tools Needed for The Metabolism Plan

You really don’t need a lot, but a few essentials that you might need to shop for.


  1. Your Scale.  The biggest indicator of reactive or safe foods (meaning do they cause YOU inflammation or not) will be your scale.  You will weight yourself every morning.  Your scale should measure in 0.1 pounds.

I use the a scale by Weight Gurus (see here).  It measures accurately everytime I set on it.  I love the other things it measures (body fat, muscle mass, BMI, hydration).  BUT even more…. I LOVE that it has an app and I can scan my daily reading and it can sync with my fitness trackers like my FitBit or MyFitnessPal.

2.  A Thermometer.  You need one of these too to help determine if the workouts you do are reactive or not for you.  You will be checking your Basil Body Temperature daily.  I am ordering this one shown (click here) because it tests much more accurately then the $7 I bought at Target.  That thing is 2 weeks old and already dying.  Plus, I never get an accurate reading.  Since I want to do this plan and get real accurate results to help me feel better, I will invest in a good thermometer.  I recommend skipping the cheap ones, and invest in a good one for yourself from the start.  You’ll save yourself time/money and headaches later.

Supplements to Stock Up On for The Metabolism Plan

Again, the book goes into much more details, some of these you may need, some you might not.  But, these are what I am using.

  1. A good Probiotic.  This plan is to help heal your gut.  You will find foods you react to, the probiotic will help get you back on track faster to a healthier gut so you can keep moving forward.  I use Dr. Formulated Probotics, you can check it out here.
  2. MSM – Again, another supplement that has a lot of benefits, but one is to heal the gut.  I take one a day myself.  Here is more info on MSM supplements if you want.
  3. SAMe – If you have stress in your life, you probably want SAMe.  I was debating about taking it.  Thinking some of my other supplements might do the same thing, but honestly after consideration, I am taking it.  I have struggled the last few months with depression for a lot of reasons.  Because of this, I KNOW I have stresses in my life.  So, for 30 days I decided to add SAM3 in my daily plan.  You can read up on SAMe and order some here.
  4. EHT – I honestly NEED my brain health supplement for focus, clarity and overall long term health.  I have done my research on it and I KNOW what this does for me.  I can only say it helps me stay calm, focused, less anxious and I won’t miss a day of my EHT for brain health.  Read more or order EHT here.
  5. Youth Factory, Complete Vitality Complex.  This is another one not specifically recommended in the Plan, but doing my research and knowing what it has already done for me… I will continue to take it.  Youth Factor is for cell health.  Since all our functions start in the cells, I WILL take care of them.  The benefits in how I feel, my skin, my hair… are just a few reason I will continue to take this one a day supplement.  You can read more or order Youth Factor Vitality Complex here.


I know that this daily supplement routine is absolutely working for me. First, I passed the test on day 1 so I know there is no reaction to any of them.  But, I have already seen a HUGE improvement in the last 12 days of my mental health and energy levels.

I really hope this helps you prepare mentally and have all the tools you need to start the Metabolism Plan.  I know that it sounds like “work” but the payoff will be huge if this helps you feel better, lose weight, blast t

hat belly fat, be less depressed… oh and so many other things!

If you are thinking of starting The Metabolism Plan, leave a comment and let me know.  If you tried it, I would love to hear your reviews on it.  So drop me a note in the comments.  And everyone is welcome to join our free group, LOTS of great tips/resources available to help get you through the 30 day plan (and beyond.)

Until later, have a fabulous day!
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Heather Buchman

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