I have been thinking hard lately on this and realizing it’s time to clean up my “stuff” so I can really accomplish goals for 2017.  What “stuff” am I talking about, the NOISE I have going on all around me.  The distractions that pull me in every direction but where I want to go.

Let me explain, what NOISE is keeping me from my goal ….

Do you have a goal to save money, but then are in all these Facebook groups about your hobby and all you see is the next shiny object.  I’m in some planner groups and get sucked into the next best pen, paper, notebook,…  I love my new coffee pot, but the Facebook groups show me the best “syrups” to make all these speciality blends I want to run out and stock up on that and all these different flavors of coffee.  The list goes on and on… I see it, I want it right.  But… wow, can each little purchase slowly add up and take a tool on my wallet and there goes my saving money goal out the window.

Here is another example… I want to set goals for the new year.  OMG, I have signed up for all these wonderful goal setting classes/workshops/planners… now my INBOX is full of downloads and daily messages.  I can’t keep up.  And honestly, I don’t think I did any of them from start to finish because as quickly as I started, I got hooked on the next one and started over.  It’s that shiny object syndrome right, that looks great I want that too.  I have so many emails coming in daily that I am OVERWHELMED with stuff and either not doing any of it or taking way to much time reading all of it to keep up.  Neither of these options are helping me be productive in actually GETTING THE STUFF done to accomplish my goals.

What are my solutions to turning off the noise?

  • I am going to go through my inbox and really unsubscribe to most of my emails subscriptions.  My goal is to only keep the handful that truly help me move in the direction I want to go in.  I can read 3 emails a day, but 10 no thank you.

PS, if you see my inbox it has 7000+ unread messages.  I don’t open them and I don’t delete them.  Talk about CLUTTERED and forget finding stuff later in that mess.  This is the year to stop this madness.

  • I am considering setting up a second email for my subscriptions.  It might be Subscriptions@gmail.com, maybe one for coupons like Coupons@gmail.com.  Gmail has free accounts.  Why not just create a free account to move my subscriptions or one just for coupons to favorite stores (hint Michael’s Craft Store and their daily email deal of the day to draw to get me in their store.) into.  Will I look at them daily?  Probably not.  BUT, I can look at them when I am really interested in a deal or what so and so has to offer.  This alone can clear up my inbox of clutter and that noise.  Helping me stay FOCUSED on what I really want.


  • Unsubscribing to groups on Facebook.  Do I need to be in 10 groups on the same topic?  Probably not.  It truly is becoming overwhelming to have them all come across my timeline daily.  It’s making me miss conversations with friends.  Many of these groups are suckering me into what I “need to buy” next to keep up with that shiny object syndrome or “oy, I need that to do this” philosophy.  If I don’t really want to unsubscribe, I can always unfollow or turn off notifications.  Then I will only see the group/page when I want to see it and actually go look at it.


These are just a few ideas to SHUT OFF THE NOISE.  It’s time to get serious on what my goals are.  Like, do I want to save money or do I really want that cute notebook EVERYONE else has?  Do I want to read what 10 people say about losing weight or do I just want to get up workout and get the action done?  I’m not saying remove it all, just turn it off.  Find ways to not be draw in to every distraction there is out there that isn’t moving you closer to what you want.  Many of us already watch Netflix to eliminate commercials on TV.  It’s time to turn off some of the commercials in other areas of life to focus on what you truly want!

Who is with me?  What are your tips to eliminating the NOISE and distractions so you can finally FOCUS on what you really want?  Share your best tip below, I would love to hear them.

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Have a fabulous and successful day.
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Heather Buchman

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