Weight Loss

Let’s face it… as we get older, the weight seems to pack on faster and is harder to get off.  I know for me, it is a daily balance of I want to eat everything that taste good (but isn’t always so good for me) to working out to keep off the pounds.  If you are looking for tips to stay on track and lose weight and keep it off, join me here as I share tips and motivation to help you on your weight loss journey!

~ Heather Buchman

Pre Run Nutrition

The other day, I told you what I do before a run.  Basically, drink a Shakeology. The last edition of Runner’s World Magazine came out with a little Sports Nutrition for Distance Running.  I just wanted to supplement what I eat with some of their recommendations. They recocommend a meal between 2-4 hours before exercise.  (I agree, otherwise it makes running hard as it is sitting in your stomach.)  Also, that you should be well hydrated going into your exercise.  Lots of water.  This meal should be high carbohydrates, and stuff that will be slow to digest like fattty and…

Me and Only Me

I was out to lunch yesterday with my husband.  We just stopped somewhere quick and I already knew what I wanted (salad of course, my typical lunch time meal).  Therefore, I picked a table outside while my husband ran into order.  When inside, two ladies were there near my husband, and were talking about me.  He knew they were talking about me by the way they were looking outside the window and their comments.  He said they were calling me the skinny bitch.  He came outside and told me this, and boy, I bet they wanted to put their foot…

Shakeology Cookie Recipe

I love my morning Shakeology. It is almost better then coffee for waking me up and getting my day started. It is one of those things that if I don’t have it, my body is mad at me at the end of the night. I have also determined, the Chocolate Shakeology with almond milk and just a spoonful of peanut butter is soo good. I always tell people it’s to healthy to be chocolate. Many many times when I am having a sweet tooth craving, I just turn to my Shakeology to fix that problem. It really helps keep me…

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