Weight Loss

Let’s face it… as we get older, the weight seems to pack on faster and is harder to get off.  I know for me, it is a daily balance of I want to eat everything that taste good (but isn’t always so good for me) to working out to keep off the pounds.  If you are looking for tips to stay on track and lose weight and keep it off, join me here as I share tips and motivation to help you on your weight loss journey!

~ Heather Buchman

Tips to Starting The Metabolism Plan

I am now on day 13 of The Metabolism Plan.  You can read more about it and why I started here.  My scale continues to drop, except for reactive days or day’s my body is “off” for other reasons (stress, sleep, not enough water…).  But, today I am down just shy of 7# and best part yet… my belly fat is shrinking.  I am finally happy to see it not looking like a bloated balloon under my shirt! So if you are following my journey either through my blog or in my health/fitness accountability group – (The Kick Starters- Ready…

The Metabolism Plan: To Rid Belly Fat & Depression

Have you ever heard the phrase “test not guess”?  I heard it from a functional nutritionist who says we should TEST our bodies to know exactly what foods work for or against us.  I honestly always wanted to do it to help me finally get rid of belly fat, but the costs was turning me off.  For SO LONG I have been slowly gaining weight or struggling to lose a single pound!  It was frustrating to see my belly as fat/bloated as ever. Plus, my mood swings were bad, and nothing I did was working to change the situation. That…

Time to get real and start dealing with depression

When it comes to my health, I will share publicly the positive side of things.  When I workout, when I eat healthy I can talk all day about it… but I can’t be the only one who hides when we feel blah and down and things are not perfect.  Today, I want to get a little vulnerable and share, because I do believe sharing is caring.  I have been struggling with my well being.  I knew it was my time to start dealing with depression I was starting to feel. My Story So you know earlier this year, I started…

Get so feed up, you have to take action

Hey! It’s been a bit since I last wrote, but life happens right.  I do know that LIFE has gotten super crazy around here.  Just in February alone a kid stole a car and crashed into both mine and my husband’s cars (his is totaled, mine was in the shop for a month).  Talk about stress!!! I wanted to share something that has been on my mind lately.  GOALS and commitment.  On January 15 – I was tired!  I was tired of not fitting in my jeans, not feeling well all the time, just tired of being out of shape and overweight….

6 Steps to Overcome Discouragement

Do you set a goal, work really hard on it… run into a few setbacks and get discouraged. Discouragement is so easy to fall into. I believe we live in this instant gratification world, and when we don’t get to our goals quickly or we hit obstacles we can be derailed, want to quick, or even feel like a failure. Then those negative voices start rising up in our heads… and often we believe these voices over the ones that said LET’S DO THIS. So today, I wanted to share 6 quick steps to help you overcome your discouragements and…

Commercial Break Get Moving Challenge

You ever want something and you work really hard on it, make progress and then one day stop doing what you need to do to be successful. Then, you seem to fall farther back then where you started? Now, you know where you “want to be” and you really do know how to get there, but that getting started can be really hard. It’s like holding you stuck for some reason. Yeah, I get that. I find I can be flying through and so focused on something and really seeing the momentum and the success. But then life can get…

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