Over in my wellness group, 4 My Health, a question came up that had me thinking.  A friend asked me, why do we get grey hair and how can we stop it (slow it down).  I think this is a wonderful topic to discuss.  

For the past few years, I have noticed grey hair and have been going to the salon faithfully to “cover” them through coloring and highlighting my hair.  I love my hairdresser and the magic she preformed.  What I didn’t love was knowing how many chemicals I was putting directly on my scalp.  Do you ever feel that hot burning feeling as they leave you sitting for it to take hold?  That cannot be healthy.  Plus, I was tired of paying so much money for a cut and color to cover my few grey hairs.  So over the last year, I haven’t colored my hair at all.  I want to remind myself, and you, that we do age.  As we hit 30, or hair does start going grey, we do start seeing fine lines and wrinkles.  We need to all embrace our beauty no matter where we are in our phase of life.  

What Causes Grey Hair?

As we age, our whole body changes.  Many of us notice the struggle to lose weight right.  As our hormones go whacky, the pounds want to stay on and maybe add on to easily.  We start noticing that grey hair pooping up and fine lines start showing on our foreheads.  Don’t panic.  These are all natural processes of life. 

Some causes that can help speed up the aging process and grey hairs include:

  • Stress – We all know that stress can wreck havoc on how we feel.  We might not sleep, we feel ill, all of that also shows on our body.  We may look tired and worn down, but think of frown lines showing and yup, the more grey hair will start to appear.
  • Hormonal changes – Ladies, how many changes have you noticed as you get older.  I already mentioned weight issues.  But changes might also include mood swings, maybe your normal time of the month is changing and getting more painful, do you feel more scattered brain and lack of focus.  Yup, all signs along with our grey hair can be a sign your hormones are changing as your age.
  • Nutrition and how we feed our body – I know we all know the “rules” of eating healthy.  Eat more real food and ignore processed foods.  A big one – eat less sugars.  But think of all the “chemicals” we are adding to the body with processed foods.  If you can’t read the ingredients are they healthy for us?  Just my thought, but how much do you think our bodies need to focus on keeping us healthy if we keep loading it with this crap?  What does our body have to “give in and focus less on” to keep our main organs functioning and keep us not from getting sick?  Our joints hurt more, or skin looks less healthy (acne, dry), and yet again… our hair goes grey and maybe even brittle and dry too.     
  • Health problems, like diabetes or thyroid problems – Let’s just admit it, the more health issues, the more our body feels older and has to work harder to keep us moving all day everyday.  Certain health issues are tied to hair problems.  I know many women with thyroid issues who tell me they also have thinning hair.  Some health problems only help increase the speed we age.  Most of us can easily feel the changes in our body, and what we see will also start showing.  For example weight gain we might feel tired and outta shape before we notice the pants don’t fit. Weight problems are often another sign for an outta whack thyroid.  Your grey hair is also slowly showing the signs we aren’t always healthy.
  • Genetics – We all know those people who look like they never age.  But, you know the opposite is true too.  Genetics often play a large part in our aging.  If your parents got grey hair early, you might just notice them early too.  We really do need to love what our parents passed on to us, it just makes us unique and beautiful in this world.

What Can I Do To Stop Grey Hairs?

  • Reduce Stress – Whoo, this is a hard one right.  I think a big thing you can do on an everyday basis is to learn to let go of things you cannot control.  Many of us stress out about things we have no power of changing and it eats us.  If you have the power to change it, no matter how difficult it is… set your goals and start working towards changing whatever it is that is stressing you out.  Change isn’t easy, but its often worth it.  
    • Supplements can help manage stress on an everyday basis.  Here are two natural ones I recommend to reduce the daily stress in life.  
        • Reflexion   When do I recommend Reflexion: When you have a moment of stress or know something will be bothering you today.  If you tend to deal with occasional depression or anxiety.  Reflection is like a natural Xanax without all the harmful chemicals.  (Learn more here.)
        • Stress Formula – For those times you are truly stressed out, can’t sleep.  This isn’t a moment in the day, but more like an everyday thing.  If you feel like you need a Valium, then Stress Formula might be for you to help calm your nerves.  (Learn more here.)
  • Hormonal Changes – I am a firm believer in talking to your doctor.  Make sure they are aware of what is going on with you.  It’s hard to admit depression is getting you down, you are struggling with things.  But, trust me your doctor KNOWS and hears it all the time.  They can help.
    • Personally, when things got crazy for me.  My doctor gave me a prescription to help.  I have since found NATURAL supplements that have truly helped me get my hormonal changes in check.  Here are a few natural ones I recommend.
        • BelleVie – A potent blend of phytoestrogen, detoxification, and antioxidant ingredients to help support healthy hormone balance and immune system function in women.  Ladies… hot flashes, bad time of the month issues… this will help.  It sure has for me. (Learn more here.)
        • Renuvo – Patented support for healthy aging and daily stress management to help you Feel 22®.  I feel this is both for everyday stresses women face and the changes our body feels as we age.  You want to feel like a younger you again, check out Reuvo.  (Learn more here.) 
        • Transform Women – A healthy aging and vibrant living supplement that targets a woman’s unique brain and body systems to support healthy libido and enhanced sexual intimacy, and promote healthy hormone levels that tend to decline with age.  My favorite combo.. Women and BellVie and I am feeling AMAZING compared to where I was a year ago. (Learn more here.)
  • Nutrition and Our Diet – There are so many ways to eat better.  I recommend making simple daily changes.  Cut out sugars and processed foods.  Finally take care of your gut!  Take a good pre and probiotic.  So many of our health issues start in our gut.  You can do make healthy food choices.  One day at a time.  
    • I never want to say my diet is perfect.  I love some processed foods too, it’s hard to stay away.  Since I know so many chemicals are in our foods and that those build up in our system, I support my body with a core immunity support supplement.  I add in my pre-probitic for overall health.  These are the 2 I recommend.
      • Transfer Factor Classic  – For safe and proven immune system support.  As I mentioned, the chemicals in our food, the pollution in the air, the stresses of life… all affect our immunity.  As our immune system starts to be less efficient, it affects our bodies speed of aging. If I took no other daily supplement, this is one I would NOT stop for many many reasons.   (Learn more here.)
      • Pre/o Biotics – Promotes the growth of beneficial/friendly intestinal flora with five strains of highly-researched probiotics.  Pharmaceutical Grade Probitiocs.  (Learn more here.)

I wish I could change my genetics sometimes, but we are all destined to be who we are meant to be.  I am a true believer in eating healthy and working out to stop and slow the aging process.  I know I fall off that wagon a lot more then I want to admit.  Isn’t it funny… when stress is high or hormones are outta control, it is harder to eat right and workout and that is exactly what our bodies need the most.  Because I can’t “do it all”, I do believe in adding supplements to my day. 

I always try a natural approach over medications when I can, but I do believe medications have a place too.  Supplements simply fill the gaps I don’t get in my diet.  I know that you need to do your research because not all supplements are created equal.  To many are loaded with “fillers” that won’t work for you.  All the ones I recommend here include Transfer Factors. 

Why I recommend Transfer Factors?  They are actually a molecule that your body produces to support your natural killer cells to fight pathogens that make you sick.  Transfer Factors have 70 years of research and have been on the market around the world for the last 20 years.  Plus, they can be found listed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) so you can ask them if these supplements might be right for you.  (Learn more here.)  If you want to try any of the products listed and save 25%, join as a member (think Costco for whole sale prices).  Have questions, please reach out to me and I would love to help you.

My Final Thoughts on Grey Hairs.

As I told you, I have stopped dying my hair a year ago.  I do use Transfer Factors (various combinations of those listed above) to help my overall health.  I also switched out department store shampoo/conditioner for a much better quality one (what I use here) to strip all the build up in my hair.  Do I still have grey, yes.  But, I honestly say that I don’t see it as much as I use too.  I do believe it has slowed the growth of new greys coming in.  When my whole head of hair is healthier through diet, supplements and a good shampoo/conditioner…. I feel more confident and don’t notice the greys anymore.  I simply embrace the new phase of my life as I enter and experience them.  I hope you will too.  

If you find this article helpful, please like and share it.  You might help someone else out today too.  If you ever have any questions, please reach out.

Until later, have a fabulous day.

Create YOUR Amazing Life

~Heather Buchman

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