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I started working for myself part time back in 2006.  Everything I learned about social media marketing, building a blog, and building a business I had to figure it out as I went.  But, based on numerous classes I took.  Finding the right mentors.  I have really become successful.  You can read more about my story here.

I simply want to help you shorten your learning curve!  From getting started in your own business, learning to blog or figuring out how to build a social media presence.  I will be sharing my tips throughout my website, but I also love to take on a few people a month to mentor for success.  If you are looking ready for change, maybe it’s your time!  Apply now to work with me!

~ Heather Buchman

Nerium Real Success Story – A Family Reunited

Shalon and Patrick M. found an unexpected gift with Nerium. Like many Brand Partners, stay-at-home mom Shalon M. joined Nerium to earn extra spending money for special splurges, like a kitchen backsplash. Little did she know that the business would radically change her family’s lifestyle. “I tell people that Nerium tricked me into success, because I didn’t want to necessarily build a team. I wanted free product and a budget to decorate the house,” shares Shalon. Although she didn’t have any sales experience, by simply following Nerium’s business system and enthusiastically sharing the results, Shalon quickly attracted other Brand Partners…

Getting Found in the You Economy World

In the world of the You Economy, everything is changing and opportunities exist for everyone that never really were seen before. Millennials are stepping up how we think of and do things! Look at some of the BIG names in today’s markets and think of how these are companies are taking New Actions and disrupting what we “knew” of as how things were done in the past within their industries. Here are a few tips on How to be Found in Business in the You Economy World we are living in! 1.  Get Content, Find something that you can specialize in and…

Finding Myself 2

When I was 18 I decided to go to Penn State and entered into the engineering program.  At 18 I set the path to live my entire life.  WOW.  I can’t be the only one who one day woke up and said… What Am I Doing?  This doesn’t feel right in my heart?  What else should I be doing? For me it was in my 30’s.  I was stressed out often.  Not really driven by what I was doing always looking for something.  Because in my heart I knew I wanted more out of life.  Jack Canfield in his book the Success…

Nerium Joins the $100 Million Growth Club Achiever’s List

For a company that started in late 2011, in their first year did $100 million dollars in sales.  That alone set a record for one of the fastest growing companies around.  And Nerium did this with one product (NeriumAD night cream) in one country (US) only.  That is unheard of. But, Nerium hasn’t stopped.  Their growth has continued to top the charts with leading companies in network marketing.  Their second year, they had $219 million in sales and in their 3rd year they did $403 million.  It is anticipated that in 2015 they will be close to a billion dollar…

Jeff Olson Live, Thur. April 19

Nerium has become the hottest name in our industry and for this we are very proud. Jeff Olson, Nerium’s CEO and the best selling author of the book, the Slight Edge, will be speaking at the Nerium Spring Bash in Las Vegas about the rapid growth and expansive vision of Nerium and the prospects our future holds. Not only will Nerium Bash attendees hear this special message we are excited to announce we will host a LIVE broadcast from Vegas. Here is how you can join us. Jeff will be speaking on Friday, April 19, 2013, at 10:30 AM PT…

How to get started in a home based business.

◄ Photo of me and Jeff Olson, the CEO of Nerium Itl. Did you sign up for a home based business and now are asking yourself, how can I be successful at this? What am I supposed to do? Or are you just thinking of getting started but have fears and doubts about what to do? I just wanted to share a few tips for helping you get started right so that you can be really successful. Remember, you were probably nervous your first day of school are at a new job. You were probably also given instructions of what…

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